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hey there singles fans - before you start crying into your beer, make sure to check out the ROOFDOG LOVE TESTER...
nb. if you arrived at this page through searching for 'singles bars' on the internet, you have our deepest sympathies

roofdog's top bop...

My Life at the Movies
Ugly Man Records

With cute brass instruments and twirly choruses galore, Tompaulin could almost out-twee Belle & Sebastian but they're still original enough to make at least some kind of an impact, just in a sugary sweet way.



Fierce Panda/Infectious

They've just stepped out of a musical salon, by the look (and sound) of things; Seafood have been polished up and dried off nicely for the big push for chart success and world domination. Not a bad little tune either; a swanky murderous guitar riff bolted into place by Caroline's spangly drumming, and a typically Seafood-esque poppy chorus. Don't overdo it with the hair laquer though; we don't want another Bon Jovi on our hands...


Kournakova NEW!
Even If
Global Warming

I'm not sure if they're named after that po-faced tennis player, but they sound a bit like Marion minus the paranoia and with less compelling vocals. Worth keeping a sly glance in their direction though...


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Proud Mary NEW!
Very Best Friend
Sour Mash

Let's pretend this is special. Let's pretend this is new, innovative and interesting, or is at least having less trouble treading water in the cess-pool of unoriginal half-thoughts and also-rans that are strangling the 'mainstream' British music scene at the moment.

Let's pretend that this isn't just a dull pile of oversentimental guff that everybody's supposed to like because King Noel Gallagher 1st has slapped his sticker of approval on its arse, only to turn on his heels at the first notion that no-one's believing this shambolic emperor's new clothes love-in.

Fuck pretending, because this is boring, predictable and dire.



Vinyl rocks. Here are some singles that you can probably get at your local independent record shop (or big ultra-conglomo-store if you ask very nicely). Some of these are new, some of them are old; but all are available on that most funkiest of formats. Get playing!

Urusei Yatsura NEW!
Strategic Hamlets

Urusei never got the praise they deserve, possibly because Idlewild currently hold the monopoly in Scottish U.S soundalike punk-pop. Part of a two seven-inch set, here we find the title track's glam handclap punk nestled happily next to the fantastically fast and loose Down Home Kitty and the Pavement tribute Kozee Heart, even namechecking 'Stephen Malkmus and the magic of Pavement' at the start of the song, reminding fans not to write in and complain because 'remember, we could be doing this sort of thing all the time'. Even the vinyl itself is worthy of a mention; a very snazzy see-thru glitter vinyl number. This rocks. Buy buy buy buy NOW.

Turin Brakes
Fight or Flight e.p

Imagine that bloke from subcircus playing acoustic guitar and you're not far off. One of the UK's hot new indie prospects, eerily captivating and rootsy as earthworms. Keep an eye out.


Live Review

The Gentle Waves
Falling From Grace e.p

Wee Isobel from Belle and Sebastian has done herself proud. Although this is about as far a diversion from B&S as Little Miss is from the Mr.Men, the romantic and delicately sugar-dusted world of The Gentle waves is still as nice as finding your last doughnut actually contains the porthole to another universe where everything is free and really cool. Purchase and twirl whilst smiling.


The Frank and Walters

FACT: The Frank and Walters have been around longer than my gran (possibly).
They've never really got anywhere for all that time. Even My Life Story did a better job perpetually teetering on the verge of international whothefookarethey?-dom.
FACT:This little cheesy nugget of singalong 80s plunderings isn't actually that bad and will give many a disco-ironist pulp/baxendale/hefner fan something to chew over.
We await your stadium tour of 2002 with glee.


Last Chance E.P

Last Chance E.P=four boil-burstingly powerful tracks from possibly the best indie-minnow to surface for many a month. The epic opening strains of We Will Be Kings, plaintive wailings of Silverscreen, right through to the breakneck paced conclusion of Zero are worth anyone's cash, especially on vinyl.

About as understated as the opening of Mr.Reginald Brigg's fish shop in Waberly Street, Houghton-Le-Spring, last Wednesday, this may be the first whimpering from a large, large monster. Sing along and rock.

More to follow...

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