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Welcome to Roofdog's News and Rumours section, for site update info and news that might be lying around. If you have anything that could be featured here, mail
20.05.02 - alreet

at last, i've added something new to the site! well give me a bowl of salt and slap me on the arse if there isn't a brand new interview with hundred reasons now online (cheers sharon)!

in other news, it's a sunny day and i have nothing to do. fuckin yess. bit more urusei for my ears i think...

this still stands ---> if you would like to write any reviews/features for this site, please MAIL ME!! I'm sure you've got an opinion so why not share it with everyone, and get a few irate emails from spurned fans while you're at it. heh...


karl |

the roofdog playlist (May 2002)

here's what i'm listening to at the moment. why not discuss your current records at the roofdog message board (link below)..


Dressy Bessy - Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons
Le Tigre - Feminist Sweepstakes
Urusei Yatsura - Slain by Urusei Yatsura
Bobby Conn - The Golden Age
Suede - Suede
Godspeed You Black Emperor! - F# A# infinity
Built to Spill - Ultimate Alternative Wavers
Marion - The Program
Fiver - Strings for Satellites

other stuff:

Deluxx Folk Implosion - Daddy Never Understood (this rocks)
Hoggboy - So Young (single)
Urusei Yatsura - Vanilla Starlet (B-side)

chat about these and your current records at the
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Roofdog beats international publications to Marion news story by three weeks

The story regarding Jaime Harding's court appearance was broken at Roofdog over summer 2000, three weeks before it was covered by The New Musical Express website, Melody Maker, Channel 4 Teletext and numerous other publications.

For the latest breaking news on Marion, stay tuned to Roofdog...

NEW! Marion - where are they now? More news... NEW!

More information has emerged on the whereabouts of ex-members of Marion.

Roofdog now understands that of the ex-members of the band, guitarist Phil Cunningham, who previously had left the post-Marion group Headway to join Tailgunner, is now playing with Manchester legends New Order. Bassist Nick Gilbert and drummer Murad Mousa are now involved in non-music professions.

There is little news on Jaime Harding other than that below. It had previously been stated that the 'new' Marion would release an e.p, tentatively titled Sister, sometime in 2001; as yet, nothing more on this has been heard.

More news here as soon as we get it.

The article - Click to enlarge

Apart from an article in the Macclesfield Express in June detailing worrying news of a court appearance (right - Click to enlarge), there is no further news as yet on Jaime Harding's progress. His project, set to retain the Marion name, is possibly the most eagerly awaited by fans, who are avid to hear what has been described as 'astonishing'. Last December, an interview with Harding was posted onto Marion fan site Chance - Marion Web Pages, detailing Jaime's new writing partnership with long-time friend Wayne Ward, and his hopes to record brand new material as soon as possible. Ward played all the instruments on the recordings, and it was thought that the 'new' Marion would be playing shows before the end of the year.

For the latest updates on these stories, join the Roofdog Mailing List

Many thanks to Darren Woodhall of Chance - Marion Web Pages - the best Marion site on the net

Have you heard or seen any projects featuring ex-Marion members?
Do you know any more information on any of these stories?
Or are you just a devoted fan of Marion and their music?

Then chat with fans on the Roofdog Message Board

Sebadoh's "Harmacy" chemist did get fixed!

The album cover...

A mystery guy at That pharmacy... we're not worthy!

Just in case you ever wondered whether the Pharmacy on the cover of Sebadoh's classic album Harmacy ever fixed its sign, Roofdog is proud to show you this picture, sent to us by Sebadoh member and all-round cool guy Jason Loewenstein.

The Pharmacy itself is actually situated somewhere in Ireland; but the legendary missing "P" has now been replaced. Even so, on very close scrutiny it still looks a bit wobbly.

So now you know!.

Do you know where the pharmacy is?
Have you visited it, or do you live nearby?
Or do you not know any of this but just happen to think Sebadoh rock?

Make your opinion known on the Roofdog Message Board
Check out Sebadoh's official site at

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