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Split personalities - (L-R) Ev, Bill, Dave, Ryan...

U.S cool-as-a-plucky-duck rock outfit 12RODS chat with Roofdog

Technophobia is out, and gum-chewing American slacker-rock is definitely in. Since the release of 1998's Split Personalities, 12RODS have built up an avid following in the hippest rock circles. And with their second album just around the corner, we may be seeing a little more of them yet. American geek rock - Yeah, but who cares? I'm starting at the petrol station next Tuesday...

Where did you all meet each other?

Ev: "I've known Ryan for a long time; we share the same bloodline..."

Ryan: "What?"

Dave: "..We met at a football convention in Bloomington, Minneapolis."

Bill (singing): "who made who, who made you...?!!"(laughs)

Are you all best friends?

Ryan: "Sure!"

Ev: "..I'd say yes.."

Dave: "They all consider me their best friend, but my real best friend is Dudly Moore...!"

Bill: "..only when we want something from each other..!"

You've been championed recently in the UK by the wonderful KERRANG! magazine - a publication that you are familiar with?

Bill: "No!"

Ev: "Yup; a pretty cool mag, I'd say."

Ryan: "There was one?"

Dave: "I disavow all knowledge without my attorney present..!"

How big are you in the States? Now be honest...

Ev: "Not big enough."

Ryan: "Bill is huge in the States, if you know what i mean..!"

Bill (to Ryan): "..Honestly?"

Dave: "I'm 5 feet 10 inches with shoes on and 185 lbs. 250 lbs. with my scuba gear on."

Have you ever played in England and if so what did you think of it?

Ev: "We played once - too short a visit."

Ryan: "Yeah... your country is definitely rock friendly but your food sucks!! Sorry...!"

Dave: "Not since i was selling t-shirts for the Rick Astley tour in 1987. Great toothpaste!!!! you should think about putting fluoride in it."

Bill: "Nice shoes."

What are your favourite bands?

Ev: "Wendy & Lisa, The Carpenters, Squarepusher..."

Ryan: "Medicine, Eminem, mbv, Brainiac, Lizard 99, Olivia Newton-John (along with her band, of course!)..."

Dave: "Floyd Kramer and his Keyboard Kick band, The house band for the Pat Sajak show, Journey, ANYTHING produced by Mutt Lange, Young MC..."

Bill: "Notorious B.I.G!!"

What bands do you hate?(Come on, let's be mean here!)

Ryan: "Mollycuddle, Colfax Abby, Oasis (3rd record onwards at least)"

Dave: "Oasis, Oasis, Oasis, Stereophonics, Oasis, Oasis, Oasis, Oasis, Stereophonics, Oasis, and Ratt"

Bill: "Most bands, damnit!"

Ev: "far too many to list!"

What bands did you grow up listening to?

Dave: "The band that played at my church... The Junior High Concert band... The High School marching band... the band that my brother had in 1982..."

Ev: "Hmm...Singers Unlimited, The Carpenters, Bach, Vivaldi... up until I got my first Kiss record!"

Ryan: "Rogers & Hammerstein, Take 6, the John Philip Sousa group, then Ev's first kiss record!!!"

Bill: "I grew up listening to my friends' bands!"

Have you any interesting gig stories?

Ryan's worst 3 gigs:

1. led zeppelin's "The song remains the same" video
2. Cocteau twins in Cincinnati, 1995
3. A voice-over jingle I did last week that I was dicked $650 dollars of!!

Dave: "...Opening for the puppet band at the chuck-e-cheese (American restaurant - culture ed!) in South St.Paul was both the worst and best gig. The food was great, but the puppets were assholes and drank all of our Evian!!!

Bill: "The star party in minneapolis was neat.."

What is best, small or large venues?

Ev: "I like 'em large."

Ryan: "Medium. Not too small, but not too large."

Dave: "I'd say the same as my best friend, Ryan...!"

What would you be doing if you werenąt in a band?

Ryan: "A superhero or a demigod!"

Ev: "I'd be working with other bands and making their records."

Dave: "I would be the night-time stock checker at Franks Nursery and Crafts on New Hope, Minneapolis. And on my breaks, I would be the assistant to the assistant coach of the local jr. high wrestling team."

Bill: "I'd be an auto-thief!"

Interview by Petrova C

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