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Tony Wright (left) and Shutty: Tony is smiling because he knows where the last Lentil & Hazlenut sandwich has just gone...

Northern Lights - Terrorvision are here to stay!

It's getting late. The air is beginning to hang heavy with the heady stench of stale beer, and the dangerous buzz of speakers crackling downstairs is only interrupted by the chatter of a gaggle of eager fans outside. It's been a long and unpredictable year for Bradford's finest, but now Tony Wright and Co. , aka Terrorvison, are back on tour, and are deliberating the culinary merits of the exhaustive (and soon to be exhausted) rider that is to be their friend for the night. In particular this evening's selection of sandwiches...

"...Lentil & Hazlenut...??? TWO Lentil and ******* hazlenut?!?!?!?!?...".

Yes, there is such a thing as a lentil and hazlenut sandwich. And yes, you'd be right in cursing your eyeballs out in disbelief at the sheer audacity of such a culinary faux pas. But, sandwiches aside, what's the beef on one of Britain's best loved rock bands? Roofdog had a word with Terrorvision to find out..

Words: Sam Cook/Karl Cremin Pictures: Karl Cremin

Where did you meet?

Tony Wright (vocals): "We met ages ago. A thousand interviews ago...!"

Mark Yates (guitars): "Three of us went to college together and we met Tony in a pub. He used to work there as a glass collector, come barman, come bit of everything really. It was the normal way bands meet. Well not really, these days bands meet through a manager after going to stage school. If you’re seen in a pub nowadays you’ve got no chance of getting into a band...!"

What are your influences?

T: "Shutty’s is mainly scotch, and mine's vodka. We’re all brought together by our love of alcohol. But really we’re influenced by everything and anything apart from Westlife. Well, in fact we are influenced by Westlife, because you listen to them and think 'well,I never want to sound like that!!'. There aren't enough guitar bands around today, and its only people like you who get to hear about us. After we split with EMI we touted ourselves around supposedly major record labels, and they said that they weren't looking for guitar bands but for the new Aqua’s and Westlife’s. And its those old biffas who are going to make a nation of saddo’s by making them listen to shit music. Bring on the revolution!"

Do you think that bands like yourselves being dropped from major record will bring about resurgence in the indie record labels?

T: "I don’t think so. It depends whether bands come up with decent music. There’s not a lot of decent music around and there hasn’t been for the last three or four years. Guitar music fails because bands put out shit records. Oasis are the barometer for this. Their last two records were shit but their first two were really good. I’m not a big fan but I can see why they’re good. But what did they create? Loads of shit rock bands. But it did open the doorway for a lot of guitar bands."

Which of your songs are you most proud of?

T: "Perhaps one of the new ones or Alice What’s The Matter.

Shutty (drums): "'Sometimes I’d Like To Kill Her'. Not about anyone in particular of course...!"

Is the song Josephine (a song about a transvestite) based on anyone?

T: "We all know a Josephine. You sit here in men’s clothes but we don’t know what you wear when you’re at home or even what you wore in the car on the way here..."

M (right): "We all know a Josephine, but we don’t know it. Think of a bloke you really respect and he probably dresses as a women some of the time!" That song was actually the debut for using a can of lager in a song as an instrument. It’s used when we say “It took a while to click”, done live in the studio. It took twenty-four takes. Of course we couldn’t do it wrong and not drink the lager.

At the Reading Festival last year you did a song called Party Over Here, featuring the wonderful lyric 'Party over here / F**k you over there..!' - any plans for a B-side/single release?

T: "We’ve recorded it, so it may appear on the new album. Or maybe as a single...."

(shocked) But surely it wouldn’t get much airplay! CD-UK would never stand such a thing...

T: "Swearing’s brilliant. Swearing’s ace! We need more swearing. It makes you look really, really hard. We were going to put the song on the web site so that the fans could download it but we never got around to it."

Speaking of websites, what’s your view on MP3s and the whole Napster debate?

S: It’s only multimillionaires like Lars Ulrich (of Metallica) who moan most about money. It’s like, do you go back and kill the bloke who invented cassettes? Are people scared of other people listening to there music and thinking, 'that’s great I’ll go and buy that' or are they scared of them thinking 'thank God I listened to that before I went out and brought it, its crap'??!!. If you write good songs, then you write good songs because you want people to hear good songs. If you tape your mates CD and really like it then you’ll go out and buy it anyway."

Why have you decided to play a cover of Get on Up by 5ive on this tour?

T: "They’re a good band, and it’s a good song. It’s got a 'feel-good' factor and it sounds like it was written for guitar. I think we’ve done a good version of it.

M: "I think Five are actually rockers trapped in a girly boy bands body...!"

Which member of the band would win in a fight?

T: "If we had a fight a day for a year then I think we would be pretty evenly matched. The person who won the match the day before would probably be tired the next day from fighting so hard the day before. That’s a horrible question though. Let's move the table and fight now...!!"

What are your vital Tour Bus videos and CD’s?

T: "Whatever we can be arsed to bring. Cheap videos usually, the kind that you pick up from car boot sales that were probably stolen from you a couple of months before. The worst video was probably one of the bus driver and his wife…" ulp! - ed

How will the new Terrorvision songs compare to the old ones? Are you going to try and move on?

T: "We’ve always just written as Terrorvision, and when you start analysing your sound then that’s your downfall. You’ve got to be spontaneous. We surprise ourselves sometimes when we write tunes. Not just good ones but bad ones as well. And with everything that happened with EMI we’ve had a fire in our bellies and a passion has been provoked. That might help put a bit of angst into our music."

Who says Rock and Roll is dead? Not I. Party over here, swear at everyone over there, and drink yourself silly. Just have fun.

And avoid those dodgy sandwiches.

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