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Fall is also the season for pumpkins. It's a time for a drive to the country on a crisp Autumn day to find a few perfect pumpkins for decorating and for making pumpkin pie.

My Mother's recipe for pumpkin pie makes a rich and creamy pie that's just a bit less spicy than many others. It's seasoned with just cinnamon and ginger and has no pumpkin pie spice or cloves to over power the naturally good taste of pumpkin.

Pumpkins are a very healthy and versatile vegetable. Though they're most often used for pumpkin pies and Jack O' Lanterns, there are many other good things to make with a pumpkin.

See "Fall is for Pumpkins" my article at BellaOnline, for information about common and not so common pumpkin varieties, how to cook and puree a pumpkin, and get many pumpkin recipes.

See "A Pumpkin Shell Holds This Soup Very Well", for a tasty
pumpkin soup recipe and directions for making a soup tureen from a pumpkin.

For a comprehensive guide to everything pumpkin, go to The Pumpkin Nook.
Besides having a great pumpkin cookbook and lots or pumpkin advice.

Try a new twist on your average pumpkin recipe with tasty
Pumpkin Recipes from Better Homes & Gardens.
Selections include Brandied Pumpkin Pie,
Pumpkin Hazelnut Pie, Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Torte and more.

The Clemson University Extension shows you how to choose the right pumpkin,
how to cook and puree it and has recipes for pumpkin goodies galore.

The Pumpkin Patch has a large variety of recipes using the versatile pumpkin.
You'll find recipes for baked goods, main meal dishes and even a vegetarian recipe or two.

The Food Network, tells you "everyrhing you've wanted to know about pumpkin and more"
with Pumpkin Basics, Culinary Q & A, Cooking Demo's, and Pumpkin Reipes.

Baking with Fresh Pumpkin from All Recipes.Com, tells you what kind
of pumpkin to buy and how to cook it. They also have many pumpkin recipes!

Pumpkins and More, from The University of Illinois, presents history and facts
about pumpkins plus information about pumpkin varieties, nutrition, and an archive of recipes.

New England for Visitors has many wonderful pumpkin recipes from New England's country inns.

For those on a sugar-restricted diet, here's a no-sugar Pumpkin Pie Recipe from "Splenda". It's also a reduced fat recipe.

Diabetic Gourmet Magazine has three sugar-free pumpkin pie recipes...

Pumpkin Pie Recipe # 1 is a sugar free version of a traditional pumpkin pie, sweetened with a with fruit sweetener

Pumpkin Pie Recipe # 2 is for spicy pumpkin pie, sweetened with a liquid calorie-free sweetener.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe # 3 is for a lite crustless pumpkin pie, sweetened with brown sugar twin.

Do you still have a fall produce to can?   

See SuccessfulHome Canning for step-by-step directions plus recipes.

At Homecanning.Com you'll find a recipe search. They have recipes for tomatoes, peppers, all those zucchini and cucumbers - any fruit or vegetable. Whatever I searched for, they had a variety of recipes to choose from including sauces, pickles and relishes, jams, juices, even baby food.

Ball Home Canning Basics Kit
This home canning basics kit includes everything you need to start canning your homemade jams, jellies, salsas, pickles and more. It includes the Ball Blue Book Guide to preserving... filled with over 400 recipes. Also - a boiling water canner with a canning jar rack, 6 Ball regular-mouth pint mason jar, 6 Ball lids with bands, a lid wand, a canning funnel, a jar lifter, a bubble remover + coupons for additional Ball products. This kit is available online and the low price includes shipping to your local WalMart store.

The SureJel Homepage is loaded with recipes for jams, jellies & preserves. If you've ever thought about entering your own home-made jams & jellies in competition at a county or state fair, find out when and where they will be in your area. Also, get expert tips and advice on creating blue ribbon jams & jellies.

Preserving Food Safely from MSU is a database on canning, freezing and drying of foods, based on the USDA guide to homecanning. Choose a page according to the first letter of the name of the food you want inforamtion about.

North Dakota University page also has easy to follow directions for General Canning Procedures They also have good recipes!

These great fall graphics are from .....

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