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It's hard to understand
It's hard to comprehend
I reached out my hand and you shot me down again
Condemnation to my soul
I see a million men around me
Each with their private sin
And when I tried to stand
I saw you push me down again


To Whom it may concern
I'm tired of the lies
Don't say your heart is bleeding
When I see threw your disguise


Stop complaining, stop your whining, stop your crying
You aren't trying to be happy anymore
A single worry could destroy you if you let it
But forget it, it can't hurt you anymore

Depressions not an option when joy's not far away
Jesus is the answer it's not just a cliché, no way, no way

Crying's not a sin, but all your worrying
Won't gain another hour
He's clothed and fed the wild, so of course he loves his child
More than the sparrow and the flower

Depressions not an option when joy's not far away
You may not like the answer, but Jesus is the way, hey hey, hey hey

Don't say that you can't cope, when God has given hope
By the gift of his own son.
You've got to let tears flow but then you let it go
And have a little fun.

I sing because I'm happy, and I sing because I'm free
For his eye is on the sparrow and I know he watches me