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Life - Bleeding at the Hip
For those of you that don't know of this great Christian hardcore band, or as I've heard them refer to themselves "happy poppy punkcore" it was made up of my bro Shawn(drums), Doug Makenzie(vocals and bass), and Chris Birtch(guitar).  They unfortunately broke up but if you like this song I can supply you with a CD at a small profit. (Hey I'm Dutch!)

Lost the Plot - Covered by "No Talent All Stars"
Those of you lucky enough not to have heard of this band it consisted of myself(vocals), Ed Skelton(guitar), Tim Lewis(bass), and my bro Shawn(drums).  It was a one time thing we did for a New Year's Eve party; we had about two practices and blew chunks but had a blast in the mean time.  This is the one song that actually turned out okay.

Happy - Song I need help on.
Wrote it at work, have lyrics and vocals for it, but no instruments, so if anyone wants a challenge try writing some guitar for it.  With the guitar I think I could write the bass line, and I'm confident Shawn could make up the drum part.  This MP3 is acapella (spell check doesn't know how to spell it either) so I'm not promising quality, it's just to give you an idea of the style and tune