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After my mom died there was some gossip going around about our family, especially one member in particular.  The accusations weren't true, but either way it made no sense to kick someone while they're down instead of giving them a hand up.  It didn't seem Christ like to me.


I shouldn't like this poem, It's short, not that clever and I was right ticked when I wrote it, but for some reason I really like it.  At my mom's wake someone I hardly knew gave me a mini lecture on how I should be feeling and was really condescending, It felt like she was trying to make feel guilty because I took a break from crying to crack a smile.  She barely knew my mother.  BTW: I'm not actually an angry person

   I'm Happy

This is actually a song I wrote.  I made it up in my head while I was doing a very monotonous job at work.  For a while I was letting myself get sad and upset about everything and then I noticed that the other people doing that where not that fun to be around.  I've adopted a new outlook based on Mathew chapter six.  Worrying gains you nothing but ulcers and headaches, God is caring for me so I've got nothing to worry about.

If I can get a descent sounding mp3 of this I'll put it on the site. (I got it now download it here)


This was supposed to be a song, but It just kept sounding cheesy to me.  It seemed to whiny to me too.  This was a self-esteem venting thing I had just heard one to many fat jokes that day and need to let out some steam.  even though I didn't like this as a poem it expresses how I felt that day so I like it in that aspect.

   On my own

This was another attempt at a song, the tune wasn't the greatest but it was alright the big problem was I couldn't finish this.  This was supposed to be a song about realizing you can't do it alone, but when I actually sat down to write it, this was all I can remember.  I'm hoping I'll be able to finish it.

    Dress Code

I wrote this poem after a discussion I had with a co-worker.  This guy was a big guy covered in tattoos, eyebrow piercing, rough looking clothes.  He was telling me he was afraid to set foot in a church because the response he got when he tried twice before.  The first time everyone there ignored him and even walked away from him when he approached and the second time he was escorted out and told to come back when he was dressed more appropriately.  This was a guy honestly seeking God and he was turned away by the people that should have been accepting him with open arms.  a scowl was his first impression of Jesus. It made me want to cry.