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I'll pretend to smile
I'll fake a happy grin
cause I'm invincible
yes I'm invisible

Your words can't make me cry
Then I won't be a man
Take it like a man
I must be superman

You don't really know me
And will you really ever
You see my outer shell
Can it be all that matters

I could have been your friend
Could have been your brother
If you had only cared
Did you even know I cared

   On my own

I walked away but you would not let me go
Pushed you away, but you still wanted to show
Your love for me and everything that I could be

And I thought that I could do it on my own
I thought that I would not need you
I could not need you

   Dress Code

Look at their hearts
And not their tattoos
Odd hairstyles
Or big army boots
Not the beat of a song
Fashion or clothes
Will pull us away from our God

We're not the judge
We don't sit on his throne
We can't make the call
That only he knows
Love God
Love your neighbor
As yourself
All there is and nothing else

Look at their hearts
And not their nice suits
Fancy haircuts
Or fresh polished shoes
Not the beat of a song
Fashion or clothes
Is a sign that they know our God