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Clops from a while back
Clops now Now this is a good baddie (good guy) .
Saruman Clown Draken Mooner Rasta



Guild Shots: The defintion of respected is a little bit different when you have shots all from the same guild... Ussually if I have a lot of pics of the same guild over and over then I am probably at war with them or was. However if somone is found in respected from that guild then I have found them to be better in character than their guild as a whole. They might be my friend ect, but I have a snap from a spar or before we became friends. Or we sparred and I surprisingly won, or we are at war and I just think this person is "an honorable decent person" in respect to me.The order of my headings will depend on my status with the guild.

In the case of the baddies there are two enemy headings because I am currently at war with them and do not care for many of them



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