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You'd be grinning, too, if they write a lot about you!

Stories on the ROG (Really Old Guy) culminated from the minds from people on the Methos Scrolls Mailing List. We're a very imaginative bunch....Really!



Finding the Road


Nelle Donaghue

Nate the Snake

Of Men and Sheep


Daiji NEW! (1 June, `01)

Stuck in a Moment (HL/ER Crossover. Sort of.)


Changing of the Guard (HL:TS/SG1 Crossover)

Let There Be Light (HL:TS/X-Files Crossover, first in series)

Lie Down with the Lamb (HL:TS/X-Files Crossover, second in series)



Smurfy Methos Morning

Midnight Conversation

To Ride The Lightening

Replies to Ramblings of an Old Man


Katie Grogan


Just a Guy

The Great Escape



Judith Hill

The Evil Returns

The Light and the Half-Light

Overheard in my head in the morning....

Set 'Em Up, Joe!

By Any Other Name NEW! (21 June, `01)


Mecca  (28 Feb. `01)

What was Hidden

Snipe Hunt

Methos Lurks

Methos Lurks 2


Paula Stiles (17 April, `01)

Evenings Bright and Fair

The Night Shift

An Oral History of the Apocalypse NEW! (18 June, `01)




...They're not a member of the list, but I couldn't resist archiving these. They're just so dern funny!

Blue Buick R and Blue Buick S

Beware the One-armed Bandit

You Gotta Know When to Hold Them



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