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Character: M

Rating: G

Summary: Saturday morning - Methos style.


Not one to take a challenge lightly, I had to sit down and write this little bit of drivel.


A Smurfy Methos Morning



Boston, 1986 CE


He walked out of the bedroom, clad only in his favorite blue cotton boxer shorts. He yawned loudly and ran his fingers through his hair. He groaned and stretched, as he tried to will wakefulness into his body. He felt his back crack when he reached the apex of the stretch.

He wandered into the kitchen of the apartment in search of something caffinated to drink. His eyes fell upon the clock on the microwave. 8:45 am. He still had fifteen minutes. He reached over and turned the coffee maker on. Within moments, loud percolating noises could be heard from the gizmo and the aroma of Columbia's best filled the air.

He reached above the sink and pulled a coffee mug out of the cupboard. It was yellow with black lettering reading "Put down the coffee, walk away slowly and nobody will get hurt". It was currently his favorite mug. A redhead he had met a couple years ago gave it to him after a particularly nasty confrontation in front of a coffee machine in the student union of Boston University. It was her way of apologizing to him for spilling coffee all over him one morning. They had had a couple dates after the incident but she soon graduated and they went their separate ways.

He set the cup on the counter next to the still brewing coffee maker. He walked over to the fridge and retrieved the milk. 100 percent, vitamin D enriched whole milk. None of this low fat stuff. It wasn't as if he had to watch his cholesterol or anything. He placed the milk next to the mug. While he waited for the coffee to finish brewing he spooned three heaping teaspoons of sugar into the mug so that the heat of the fresh-brewed coffee would immediately dissolve the sweet substance.

Reaching above him, he removed a ceramic bowl from the cupboard and placed that on the counter as well. Next he wandered over to the pantry to retrieve a large box of Lucky Charms cereal. He poured the cereal into the bowl and put the box away.

The coffee maker clicked itself into "warm" mode when it finished brewing. He removed the carafe and poured the hot brown liquid into the mug. He put the pot back onto the warmer so that he would have more hot coffee when he was ready for more. He added the milk to the coffee until it turned the color of sand. He also added the milk to the cereal, taking delight in the way it turned colors from the artificially colored marshmallows. He put the milk back into the refrigerator.

At 8:59 am, he took his cereal and coffee and went to sit down in the living room. Once he put his coffee down he picked up the remote control for the TV and turned the modern marvel on. He quickly changed the channel to the local NBC affiliate.

He had to wonder what is friends would think of him if they ever found out that he spent his Saturday mornings watching children's television. As he had done routinely for the past 3 years, he settled down to eat his breakfast and watch cartoons.

The sound of the familiar "La-la-la-la-la-la" sang from the television.

He had his Lucky Charms, his coffee and his Smurfs. As far as Methos was concerned, all was right with the world.



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