Methos Lurks




Date: February 22, 2001


All newbies introduce themselves so I guess I will too. My name is Adam and (obviously) I'm a guy. I work as a researcher in Paris, but I commute to the US often. I found this group (and many others) through an on line search. I looked at this one and decided to join. So here it is. I watched 'Highlander' when it was on, and catch re-runs when I can. Okay, now I can go back to my regular lurking.


"Whatcha doing?" Joe asked casually looking over Methos shoulder to his laptop.

Methos closed the laptop, stood up and stretched. "Not much, just introducing myself to a mailing group from that lovely series that you watchers let leak."

"Hey!" Joe said indignantly "It wasn't our fault! First Connor told that stupid woman about immortality, then well, his watcher Dennis got drunk and started blabbing. But," Joe put a triumphant finger into the air. " it did lead to that new rule about drinking on the job.

Methos raised an eyebrow and glanced around the bar, scratching his

immense nose with a long finger. Joe blushed. "Point taken"

"You didn't really introduce yourself as... well yourself... did you." Joe continued .Methos looked at the man.

"You're kidding me right? Yeah, I spread about on-line what I've been hiding for most of my life. They wouldn't believe me anyway." He flipped up the laptop and showed the e-mail to Joe.

Joe gaped at him. "Methos, they aren't stupid you know."

Methos shrugged. "That's the reason it wouldn't occur to them. I mean, an open entry, saying I'm a researcher... no clue. To quote a certain American teenager, Duh. It's just a mailing group." He smirked. "Besides, the fan fic is... interesting. Especially the um... NC17 ones." Methos quickly pulled up the Seventh Dimension archive. He opened a story with the air of long practice and highlighted one of the pairings. Joe let out a startled yelp when he saw that one of the two Methos were grinning at was a pairing of J/R. Seeing his quarry was in the headlights so to speak,. Methos scrolled down the page. He paused for a moment and said "I don't think that's physically possible, though. " Joe continued his impression of a fish.

Methos smiled at his victim. "Those aren't common though." He said with pity. "And the mailing group I joined doesn’t have many like that."

"Not NC17." Joe said weakly.

Methos threw his head back and laughed. "Are you kidding? It's a slash group, but there are some gen fics."

Joe went to the bar. " I need a drink."

"Get me a beer!" Methos called over his shoulder, while opening his messages. "You've got mail" He mimicked under his breath. "What a great day."

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