General Disclaimer: Methos and Mulder aren't hers, nor mine. They belong to some executives who get paid for what they do. We're just letting them play in our heads.......

Overheard in my head this morning:


MulderMuse: So where's she off to this morning?

MethosMuse: Doctor's appointment.

Mu: Oh. And we're supposed to wait until she gets back?

Me: Yeah, bloody nerve! Pass me the sunflower seeds.

Mu: Get your own! And stop spitting those shells all over the place!

Me: Bet I can spit 'em farther than you can!

Mu: So you've had more practice. Big deal!

Me: What is this crap we're watching anyway?

Mu: Peggy Sue Does Las Vegas.

Me: Gods! Not again! Next time, I get to pick the porn!

Mu: Then next time, I get to pick the beer!

Me: Oh, no! That's personal!

Mu: So's this!

Me: Mulder, why did you pick this motel?

Mu: I didn't. She did.

Me: It's a dump!

Mu: It's supposed to be. Hey, look at that! Every time I see this movie, I can't figure out how that's possible!

Me: It isn't. You have to have someone holding you up. It needs a threesome.

Mu: You've tried that?!

Me: (Spitting out another sunflower seed shell.) Mm-hm. Not lately, though.

Mu: Can't you get in her head and make her write us something to do?

Me: Tried that while she was on the bus but she was reading a Terry Pratchett novel. You try it!

Mu: I did. She was on the phone to Vancouver and playing Free Cell at the same time. But she was talking about us at least.

Me: Actually, I noticed that. She won eight games, by the way. Maybe if she gets back there, she'll spend less time talking on the phone and more time writing parts for us to play.

Mu: She gets difficult, though. We knocked ourselves out giving her three perfectly good scenarios for how we meet and she doesn't like any of them. How much more can we do?

Me: Shh!! Oh, she's back.

Mu: Is she going to the computer?

Me: She's thinking about lunch. Next she'll be knitting socks or something. I hate being ignored!

Mu: I hope she doesn't make me lose my gun. I'm tired of losing my gun.

Me: Maybe she'll let me beat the crap out of you! That would be fun.

Mu: Do you have to put your boots up on the bed? I'm supposed to be sleeping on it tonight!

Me: Well, excuse me for living! I didn't put us together.

Mu: Do you really wear blue boxers?

Me: You're in the wrong head! Oh-oh. Weekend coming up.

Mu: I am not watching the Smurfs!

Me: Wrong head! Got any Lucky Charms?

Do not ask, because I won't tell! ;) This is what you get when you have the weekend funks, and two attention hound muses. <g>

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