Methos Lurks 2

by Mecca


Subject: RE: Appropriate Song Titles

Hey, I usually lurk, but this sounded too good not to play with. SoMaybe for Mac "Get over it" by the EaglesFor Amanda possibly- "Kleptomanic" by 2-ge+herFor the watchers in general "I'll be watching you" -Sting. But for the ROG- "Alcohol" by the Barenaked Ladies (superficial I know, but still)-Adam


"It's accurate" Joe muttered over Methos shoulder as he looked onto the laptop's screen. "In your case especially."

"And on that note, can you hand me that?" Methos asked vaguely gesturing in the direction on the abandoned beer on the bar counter, as, with the other hand he scrolled down the e-mail snickering occasionally.

" Is there a song called alcohol, though? I mean, you’d be the one to know." Joe said handing his friend the requested beverage and sitting back down behind Methos, to continue reading over his shoulder as he sipped his own drink.

Methos turned around. "Now, Joseph would I make something like that up?"

Seeing the look on the watcher's face he continued hurriedly. "I didn't make it up." He reached into his backpack which he was carrying that day as he had a class to teach later at Seacover U. "Here, try it. " He handed Joe the CD, which Joe doubtfully put on to play on the stereo behind the bar. Turning it to the requested track soon the first words of the song began to float to Joe's ears as Methos sat back to enjoy the show.

When the phrase "Alcohol, the party time necessity." Played Joe snorted out his beer through his nose ( no mean feat and one that hurts) sending Methos into paralyzing laughs.

Once Joe was recovered he glared at his friend, who was barely sitting on the bar stool. "Okay, you got me with that one. But you aren't going to get me to believe there's a song called 'Kleptomaniac' "

"But there is…" Methos trailed off.

"But?" Joe sat and folded his arms in front of me.

"I don't have the CD."

"Sing it." Joe ordered

"Sing it?" Methos squeaked.

"Sing it." Joe smiled inwardly.

Methos looked around the bar, seeing no one else was present and thus losing that excuse Methos hissed to Joe. "I can' t do that! It's beneath my dignity."

Joe merely raised an eyebrow.

"Fine. But only a couple of bars."

"Okay" Joe was gracious in victory.

Methos glanced around once more, missing Joe's hand motion next to him. "Okay, it goes like this. ‘Breaking up is hard enough. Said you had nothing, but I called your bluff. You have my sweats, my hat, I can't find my cat, the hardest part of breaking up, is getting back your stuffffffffff.’"

Joe was so busy chortling that he almost forgot to hit the button again.

"Well, fine then." As Joe was still laughing too much to talk, Methos shook his head, finished off his beer, packed up his laptop and left.

Once Joe was sure he was gone, he stood and went to the phone. Dialing a well-known number picked up almost immediately, Joe fingered the little black box he'd been holding. "Hey, Mac, I have a little tape you might want to hear…Yeah, it's off singing."



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