Ekat's Fanfictions

These are just a few of Ekat's stories, short and amusing vignettes.


Smurfy Methos Morning

Summary: Saturday morning - Methos style

It all started with aremark about our mailing list being Smurfs friendly. No, don't even ask....... just read it...


Midnight Conversation

Summary: instant chat with the ROG

What if you hooked up with the Old Man online? Hmmmm....


To Ride the Lightening

Summary: Methos' view on Quickenings

Could it be one of the reasons why he hates to fight?


Replies to Ramblings to an Old Man

Summary: Duncan’s reaction to Methos’ idea of a Quickening.

Seems that Kilt-Boy ain't all "goody-goody" as we thought....




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