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Allen:Wow... it's been almost two years exactly.
Well I can honestly say that I'm going to try and come back to working on the site. After a 2 year fight with serious clinical depression (self diagnosed of courese :-P ) I have started returning to where I'm in a really good mood occasionally.

I noticed some things here lately... with my purchasing of a Playstation 2 and fairly nice laptop (you all with your 1 gigahertz computers can blow me for you have to use XP :-P ) I have virtually no free time. More so then what I did back when I played three different sports cuz I get two days off during the week and I work mornings on weekends so I can do stuff in the evenings. Game graffics that I used to think were nice really blow. I was feeling bored, tired and slightly masacitic for about 20 minutes before I called into work today and stuck in Final Fantasy 7. After playing for 20 minutes my eyes hurt. The horrid site of those bright purple, red and pink polygons with no mouths on the almost decent background messed with my head.

But oh well I'm back and more sinical then ever (as Charlotte Wilfong would probably say nto that it matters cuz no one ever comes her anyway). While I was gone I noticed a few things with my life.

  1. The only reason I don't live at McDonald's is school
  2. I'm being assigned way to much homework
  3. I have no idea what I want to do with my life
  4. Playstation 2's are quite possibly one of the greatest inventions of all times (followed by food, laptops and the internet)
  5. Things would go much faster, and smoothely if people shut the fuck up for 5 seconds and listend to me (I may rant on that later)
  6. People obviously think lower of me than they let on. I was acused of making a webpage with something called "The Fuck List" which was a bunch of initials that the queerbait who made it claimed have had sex. It probably wouldn't have bothered me as much if the page didn't look worse than hairy, shit covered ass. I mean for the love of god the man could've used a list because after all....
  7. I have no idea what I want to do with my life
  8. I'm so sick of school I'm begining to consider not going to college but probably will anyway because if I don't I won't hear the end of it from my family and friends
  9. I should shoot myself for some of the pathetic garbage I had as hidden text with my quotes in the archive... I'd change it but I'm too fucking lazy.
  10. life sucks

But who cares anyway. I own Metal Gear Solid 2, Resident Evil CODE Veronica X, and the Devil May Cry demo disk that came with it for my PS2. I need to order Grand Theft Auto 3 before it becomes impossible to find.

I don't know what sections will actually be updated because I have no clue what I'll feel like doing.

Oh well that's enough for now. I may do some redecorating and add some frames later but I don't know... it's not like anyone ever comes here anyway. After looking at the guestbook I have just one question.... who is courtney anyway?

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"So I'll put down my sword, and you'll put down your rock and we'll try and kill each other like civilized men?

-Wessly (sp?) (The Princess Bride)

I think you need to burn it...

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