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Pictures from Noel's Personal Collection

JM: You were a big fan of pro wrestling growing up, who were some of your favorites & influence in Wrestling?

NH : Sherri Martel was a big influence on me as a child, as well as Miss Elizabeth. Later on Luna Vachon.
Bobby Heenan was another person I admired. I studied Bobby Heenan tapes for hours when I got into the Biz

JM: What are some of your greatest highlights in wrestling?

NH: I've had many over the years. Helping Velvet Sky win the WEW title From Angel Orsini in the ECW arena on Pay Per View was a huge deal for me. Being able to be seen as a mouth piece and a business woman instead of just eye candy was amazing. Also ACID fest for Trent Acid was an unbelievable experience. For one day, everyone put everything aside and did a great thing for a great guy.

JM: You spent some time in WEW, what are some interesting memories you have working with them?

NH: I got the opportunity to play that "Bobby Heenan" role I've always wanted to play. Things are different when you are on an all girls show. You switch from That girl on a guys arm to a Full on manager. I really enjoyed it. LOVED working with my girl Velvet Sky. We had been friends for years and never got to work on the same side before.

JM: How did the deal come about for you to work for ROH?

NH: You know I wish I remember lol I know I spoke with Gabe and he said come in and work with Special K. I was only there a short time because I had to take some time off shortly after I started .

JM: If there was anything you can change about wrestling today what would it be?

NH: Bring back gimmicks. I refuse to say I work in a "Sports related Soap Opera" I think we need vets back in WWE, we need more people that are IN the wrestling business writing tv and not "writers"

JM: Do you see yourself in the TNA or WWE in the near Future?

NH: You know, On the personal I'm getting married soon and starting a whole new life. I'm happy where I am. I wouldn't turn down any offers if they were offered but I'm happy on the indies.

JM: You worked in DCW as well, is this the fed where you won the Queen of the Cat fight title?

NH: No, I've worked for DCW many years. It's home there, but I won my Catfight name in IHPW in Lydhurst NJ at the Knights of Columbus in May 2002 in a match against Miss Michelle and Becky Bayless.

JM: Name Association Game?

Big Vito- UNDERRATED! Amazing talent, hysterically funny and probably the best person I've ever met in or out of the ring. Can't wait to call him my husband

Becky Bayless- Cool chick, always fun to work with

Miss Michelle-Sweet heart, I still remember the say she met her husband. He asked for a smoke and she looked discussed lol

Francine- Learned a lot for Fran, she was a great mentor

Honky Tonk Man- LOVE HIM! He just tells it like it is, was an honor to work with him

Velvet Sky- This girl is the best. We always had a good time together. Easy to work with. Professional. Friend.

Angel Orsini- tough chick, but a nice girl. Was honored to work with her in the ring

Crowbar- Him and his wife were my first wrestling feud when I managed Inferno in the early 2000's. Nice guy. We always tease Vito like there is some heat between him and Crowbar because they feuded in WCW, but they actually used to travel together back in the day.

Zac Conner- I count him as one of my best friends. Great talent. Hard worker, another guy who tells it like it is and I like that. We have worked together for years and years. We ALWAYS have fun. Great mind for wrestling.

Chris Wylde- I feuded against Chris along side of Zac for years and years. In the ring the four of us just click. Once we all did a 60 min. Iron man match.. On the Indies and it really went well. That doesn't happen often. Chris is going to go far.

JM: Do you have any up coming shows you want to plug?

NH: I've been back appearing at DCW. I appear at ACW in Denver Pa they are having a BIG anniversary show on May 28th with a big red carpet pre show.

JM: What advice do you Have for fans who want to follow there dreams?

NH: Go for it, but remember every dream has many sacrifices. Sometimes you have to weigh things out.

JM: Closing thoughts?

NH: Thank you everyone for following me and my career. If I made you smile or laugh or entertained you, I did my job J

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Quick Highlights

Debut: 2002

Ring of Honor (ROH) 2003

Worked in Women Extreme Wrestling (WEW)

Relationship: Big Vito

Interviewer: John Mikels
Date of Interview: May 6, 2011

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Online World of Wrestling
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