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Interview with Shawn Hardy

Photo credit to Shawn Hardy's official Facebook

JM: How did you get your start in pro wrestling?

SH: I basically got my start in the year 2000 and bumped into Jeff Rocker and fast forward to 2003 when I fully got involved in wrestling when we decided to run Delaware Championship Wrestling (DCW) and I remember our first show in front of 50 people in 2003... I stayed with the company until 2007 when it got up to 500 people, and changed the name to Dynamite Championship Wrestling. Towards the end, Jeff moved to Florida and I took over and it was tough trying to run it all by myself and a lot of work....

JM: Who were some of your biggest influences growing up??

SH: Oh without a doubt the reason I watched every Saturday morning was Jimmy "the Superfly" Snuka.. that's why this is such a big show for me to promote when I was able to book Snuka at the event in 2010

JM: You have a big event on July 17th in the fight against autism; how did this idea come about?

SH: I actually bumped into Jimmy Cicero at an Indy show and we were talking about him crusading for autism because he has two children who are autistic and I have a family member and several friends that suffer from this disease and it just felt right to help this cause.. it will be a big event that will hopefully raise money for this important crusade

JM: There are a lot of great talents and headliners donating there time for this event, can you give us the run down of what is to be expected with these great athletes?

SH: I can tell ya from top to bottom that these are the greatest guys and gals I have ever worked with, I can assure you that every match will be off the hook.. It 's going to be great with a mix of the top stars of the Indys, legends, WWE Superstars, and we 're having wrestlers come in from Maryland, Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania.. I can guarantee every match will keep the fans on edge... just wait and see!

JM: This event has been advertised as a tour... Are there any more dates confirmed following July 17th?

SH: Absolutely, rolling from top to bottom of Delaware starting on August 21 in Delmar Delaware the home of the Briscos Brothers and Scott Dukes.. who I just got off the phone with Samu about an hour ago and now you have an exclusive that the main event will be the Wild Samoans vs the Briscos Brothers... August 21.. it will be a great main event

JM: Name Association game:

Jimmy "The Superfly Snuka-- My Idol

The Patriot ---- an American Hero

Crazii Shea-- a Stick of dynamite.. a lot of energy.. what he does in the ring is unbelievable, a great guy

Chris Wylde-- a personal friend, we go way back when I remember his first match.. great guy that i am honored to see wrestle as a participant in the super 8 tournament

Ian Daniels-- We worked shows before, great wrestler a great up and comer

Buddha--- a great transformation, an up and comer from Pennsylvania.. he's a big guy and if you haven't seen a big guy move around the ring as he can.. you need to watch him.. he can really move,.

Cindy Rodgers- I call her technician... I mean she is the real deal!!! a tough brawler.. the only underrated female wrestler today that doesn't get great recognition as she should.

The Brisco Brothers--- HAHA Man Up! These guys are the hottest tag team out there in professional wrestling.. They do not get the press that they deserve.. however, just recently they made a spot in the PWI and I am proud of them.. there very crisp when they are in the ring.. They are very professional..

Noel Harlow--a very dear friend of mine for a long time, I actually met her through "the Queen of Extreme" Francine in DCW when she was brought in as a valet... She is a great person and is a great valet!

Trixie Lynn-- a local girl from Delaware... actually the first female worker here; she's a great wrestler!

Christian York--- ahh, one of the originals from DCW when it first started when he was a tag team with Joey Mercury managed by Alexis Laree aka Mickey James.. great guy, I am glad he will be taking part in this show.. he knows how to tear it up.. his match on the 17th will be off the hook!!!

JM: The event is less than a month away.. are there anymore announcements concerning the event?

SH: I think that's all there is to know at this stand point.. however there is one more surprise superstar that will be hugh on the 17th, come on Johnny, you know I cant reveal all..

JM: Will this event be sold on DVD for the fans who live out of the area and can't make the event?

SH: Absolutely.. Two weeks after the show, it will be up for merchandising and I can assure you that you will get a copy once it will happen..

JM: What are some of your highlights promoting your events?

SH: Well starting back in 2000, and really getting into it in 2003, I would say the biggest for me is seeing the smiles on little kids faces when they see the shows. there's no better feeling then that.. not a dollar, 50 dollars, a 100... that is not what I am all about.. I am not in it for the money.. I am in for the enjoyment of entertaining fans and seeing them happy.. that to me is what it's all about.

JM: Any regrets?

SH: I think getting out for awhile, I lost some time from the biz to focus on family.. which was important but I missed the friends I made, I mean they are family to me and if I would have change that I would.

JM: What were some of your past feds you have worked for?

SH: The Original Delaware Championship Wrestling turned into Dynamite; I co-owned Extreme DCW which was more for hard-core action, I also ran shows for Heleware Championship Wresting and have worked with Johnny Love for IWA Flash Fire and in North Carolina Rage

JM: Any advice for fans who want to follow their dreams?

SH: Yeah, Dreams do come true.. it can happen, Look at Chris Wylde who followed his dream and was great to see him grow to accomplish his dream, I don't care what it is, if you want to be a ref, a valet, a manager, time keeper, pro wrestler, a fireman, a policeman, or whatever you desire to be.. NEVER stop chasing your dreams, they do come true..

JM: Closing Thoughts?

SH: Johnny, I am so excited about this family, I call everybody involved in helping this show family to me, Jeff Rocker , Julio Dinero, Chris hamrick , francine , Velvet Sky, Christian York & Joey mathews, Flash ... my DCW Originals all influenced me and taught me tons about this biz !!

I am happy to have selected a great group of guys and gals in making this event successful, I thank all the people helping with promoting such as yourself , we have hit the radio, the newspaper, the net and it's opening up a lot of doors and who knows this new fed will open a big door for new and up coming stars.. just wait and see!

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Quick Highlights

--Debut: 2000

--Owned, Promoted, Co Owned Delaware Championship Wrestling (DCW), Extreme DCW, Heleware Championship Wresting (HCW), IWA Flash Fire, Rage, 1st Championship State Wrestling (1CW)

--Booked Joey Matthews, Christian York, Mickey James, Velvet Sky, Sal Sincere, Francine, The Patriot, Jimmy Snuka, Axl Rotten, Vador, Julino Dinero, Danny Doring, Hurricane Helms, Carlito,

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview date: June 24, 2010

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