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Interview with Grey Wolf

Photo credit to Greywolf’s Facebook

JM: Who were some of your favorites growing up?

GW: Included in the warriors whom bore influence to the course I would pursue, would be obviously the unvanquishable Achilles, Heracles - demi-god and slayer of giants, Gilgamesh-warrior adept, and Egill - defier of kings...These great warriors would serve to empower me by example of their exploits to mine current course.

JM: How did you get your start in Professional Wrestling?

GW: Beset on quest for glory, did I search for an instructor of renown, who would Educate and train me in combat for the ring. So forth after much searching heard mention of one "Monster Factory." 'twas at this facility that I was educated in the ways of this art.

JM: How did the Greywolf character come about in wrestling?

GW: You speak unto me Mikels, as though it is not I, but a facade that dons the fur and cloak and rushes forth into battle. Know this, that with heart and spirit true, am I WARRIOR. For I AM GREYWOLF! Everything I represent, all that is just and pure, the virtue of the righteous that shall, beyond all perils infernal stand with dignity and glory is the essence of my being. There are those whom may aver that the exhibition of a said "character" is merely the amplification of the self, I however must profess that it is not the amplification, but an extension of self. I AM POWER. I am UNSTOPPABLE. I AM GREYWOLF!

JM: What Are some of your greatest Highlights?

GW: You speak, certainly, of that which I have accomplished thus far in professional wrestling, I assume. Included in some of mine highlights would be that I have held the OTW (Old Time Wrestling) heavyweight title and am three time OTW tag team champion with various partners. Also, I was the only athlete in that federation to have held both the tag team and heavyweight title at once, during which mine partner held the Jr. Heavyweight title. Also, I have held grasp in mine clutches the DCW "No Limits" championship on two occasions, and am currently half of their Tag Team Champions along with Andrew "The Apostle" Steele.

JM: Do You See yourself in the WWE or TNA in The Future?

GW: Though I've not been granted the gifts of neither portention nor divination, I avow this....Firmly do I attest that ne'er shall I relent until I have achieved this. You ask do I see myself there? I shall tell you, that I am merely not there.....yet.

JM: If You could change wrestling today what would you Change?

GW: Oft is proffered by many a person that "wrestling is fake." Much indeed do these words afford me an affront that with reproach do I retort thusly...."If I were to grant thee three minutes, I would have thy body in a pain ne'er to be forgotten in less than two." It is a misconception that what we do, the trauma which we, for the amusement of the fans endure, is all a matter of artifice. That regardless of victory or defeat...to after a contest, have your body stiffen, to be scarce able to walk, yet rise again and again to endure the same. Fake? Endure what we do, then perhaps it will merit some appreciation...I know those who have ceded their training because it hurt to run the ropes.

JM: Name Association Game

Shawn Hardy - Great leader and friend.

Antony Soprano- A man whom before the previous 1CW event I had trusted as a companion. I have many a fond memory with and of him, yet now I shall exercise caution as I know the nature of he and his "family's" dealings.

Crazii Shea- A man whose name well defines him. A warrior whom fear hath no definition, and a friend whom I would rush into battle with at his mere request.

Hellaware Assassin- Good man. 'twas an honor to have tagged with him. Though I did so in the twilight of his career, I must attest that he is perhaps one of the toughest men I can reckon.

DJ Hyde- I know not much of this man. Certainly not enough to comment adequately. I know of his skill, and of his prowess as a fierce adversary, as mention of his name causes many an adversary to tremble.

Scott Dukes- A man I consider friend since my entry into DCW. A worthy competitor that after being injured, I hope again to see return to the ring with full fury.

Christian York- Astounding athlete from what I have seen of him. Certainly a foe I would need much preparation for if e'er I were to combat.

Axl Rotten- A name that in this business, requires nothing further than its mention. A seasoned warrior scarred from the tumult of a thousand vicious battles. It has been an honor sharing a locker room with him.

JM: What are some feds you work for now?

GW: I currently work for 1CW, DCW, PPW, and ACPW.

JM: You have been with 1CW since it’s debut, did you ever think it would have gone as far as it has to the last show making the announcement of now being on TV?

GW: I have never doubted the heart of Shawn Hardy to succeed in his endeavors, yet recognition of this sort is beyond my powers of prediction, nor did conjecture afford me this estimation. Though it was a grand announcement indeed.

JM: What’s the difference in the work environment between 1CW & DCW?

GW: Though there are distinctions that naturally ensue when different persons are involved, I would find them to be quite comparable, rather than contradictory to one another. In both have I been treated well, and in both, feel welcome as though they were mine own kin. Perhaps 1CW is more eclectic, as they've many different persons from varying regions.

JM: Any advice for fans to follow there dreams?

GW: Upon the road of life e'er shall those who lack inner strength seek to tear us down. And upon every road there are obstacles which must be overcome. A path worth pursuing is never easy, and the most glorious ones laden with the most peril. But do not permit ANYONE to tear you down...for let their words empower you! When an obstacle approaches, smash it with fury unmitigated, and ne'er stray from your course. And when the dismal shade of despair looms heavy, dispell it with the light of hope! For every dream, once dreamt, has potential to manifest into reality. And with enough fortitude, and by believing strongly enough, do YOU ALONE have the power craft the from illusion to reality!

JM: Closing thoughts?

GW: It has been an honor, Mikels to have exchanged words on this day. Believe in yourselves. And glory shall e'er be yours! HARUPH!!! .

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Quick Highlights

---Works for 1CW, DCW, PPW, and ACPW

Interviewer: John Mikels
Interview date: May 6, 2011

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