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Welcome to "INSIDE"   

God listens to our prayers...Yet when he speaks to us,  Are we listening?            


Once alone we seek
inside ourselves Answers to question unknown .
For what lies beneath our souls.
Push away our fears and grow                                                                                .



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Coming around the road of life I stopped to watch a bird fly by
a colorful flower that smelled so sweet to the path of mystic curves There below the hill was a lake where fish swam as geese flew in I settled beyond the shady tree the leaves of the tree  drying in color soon to fall beneath the cold snow yet though before me this beautiful day and into the night rested babies
stars above me twinkle in the night while the moon sat high and full the sounds of life so peaceful I realize my path of life is here to enjoy what God has given me
all the peaceful beauty around no love greater than we allow