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A biker from days past by. I miss it. My dream is to build my own Knucklehead and ride off by myself in the wind. I can dream, dreaming is good.

I like to paint and draw. I also write notice aye. I was blond once.

I use to hunt .I only hunted with bow. I miss it. I also missed the deer. However we (the deer and I) had good conversations with one another. I would tell them where Mike was and they would thank me and turn the other way. How sweet is that. I still talk to the deer when I am able to get out into the woods.

UFO'S are cool. I believe it do you?

This is nobody I know. LOL

I love birds and used to be a bird watcher. I watch when I can.  Can you identify each bird?

Bird fly so high

Bird fly so high
as i sat by
Bird sit next to me
as i sat in the tree
Bird so free
unlike me
set me free let me fly
I fly with Bird so high
we fly in the day
we fly as we may
we fly in the night
the view is a sight
i fly with the bird you'll see
the bird flies along with me
The bird and I fly so free