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The Nature in Me

The Tree That Teaches Me
I seen the beautiful Tree
As the sun blinded me
In the field upon the hill
Is where the Tree stood so still?
Its branches stretching far and wide

Step by step I reach its side
The side the light never sat
The side moss grows to that
To that the Tree I did reach
A natural way the Tree to teach
Us the beauty in it all...
The Tree so wide the Tree so tall
The Tree that teaches me
Lotta_Lagg@Comcast. net
Seeds of Life
And so the seed is planted
Beneath Gods given earth
There it will lie through winters rest
When Mother earth awakes its nest
To strengthen out young root to
Spout out for stem to bud
Buds that hold the morning dew

Each petal to reach a sun beam
Blossom new flower

Drop your seeds
Beauty to grow again beneath

There it is planted            

To bring life again


The Sea
Beneath the sea the flounder roam

Above the sky the sun dome

Between them the winds will blow
Birds will fly as the waves flow
The sea so deep the sea so wide
In and out comes the tide
Sun will set in the sea
The beauty of it all in me

Flower Me
The flower in me
Folded petals to Pray
To the end of each day
Stems to reach the sky
To reach Gods Love
Open blossom to feel the sun
To fill with love never done
Seeds to spread in winds to run
To spread my love too awesome
Planted cold winter's rest
Sleeps calmly do my best
For spring to do my zest
Spread beauty for all to see
The good God's given me
The life of a flower the beauty in me

The Winds
The winds that blows in awe
I saw the wind
It carries my soul
Into a beautiful place

Nor large nor small
I saw the winds it dance around the peach tree in which I sat
I stood so still to watch its dance it as beauty in awe.
Gracefully but quickly she moved like a ballerina
She spins left her tail a sight
Her arms reached high with all her might
Curve that breath the twisted air she move
I saw the wind for only a moment that has lasted a life time
I still see the wind  dance as I sat a pond the peach tree
The wind that blows in awe
I saw the wind