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I just like to share... The best search engine in the world! The best place to start your web site and more!  Just one persons view. The best place for soul searching,( I think next to the Bible of course).  Better yet subscribe to the daily "Think on This"  Edward Cayce's Readings It'll get you thinking and feeling better. Living life as it should be. No one has to agree too it all, but very good for the soul.  Has a dream dictionary too. I love this sight, it's fun! This is a great sight for computer it!  check out "Call to Help" too it's great for beginners . Good download too. Everything you want to know but was afraid to ask Mike, or me for that matter...LOL this is great for stopping pop-ups.  LOVE IT... but some gifs may not work. boo hoo. good information on health alternatives Real fun, make sure no kids are not's not good for them at times. I can cook anything so can you! Good fun Interesting cool even cooler the world should not always be silent. cool Next best thing to the soap channel ... silly I just tried this out while zone alarm was off. Still testing it. a good way to waste time