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Hit Counter

Become one with the wood and your surroundings . Thank God for what he has given you each and everyday. I never look for the bucks or any deer, They come to me.

I talk with the ones God tells me not to hit.

Every have buck fever?  man that sucks.  I froze in the tree unable to pull back the bow.  I thought "what the hell?" Turned , thinking I grab the old mans bow unable to pull  it back. But with my back away from the buck , it pulled back with out a hitch.  Turning back towards the buck , once again I froze and could not pull back.  All the time the huge buck watching every move I made on that high limb.  Not a bit of fear in his eyes. Oh shit I spoke to him "You might as well go on." He ate a little of the acorns then slowly looked up at me with a sly grin, as if he held the power of the fever and slowly moseyed away. Although I didn't get the buck it still was a trill to experience what had taken place. I had to thank God for a wonderful trip into the hunt of buck fever. Thank you Lord.