you want that pain (your going to hell)

Claire felt strange. Like something was going to happen. Something weird and unexpected. She felt cold. Maybe it was just her being stupid. What was that feeling? She shivered. She sat up in bed. Couldn’t sleep. Once again nightmares. Sex. Pain. A deep, mocking voice. Laughing. A sexy smile. No. She wasn’t thinking about this that way. It had been horrible. Like dying. She had felt like she was being ripped apart by the seams. But she still felt……..what? What did she feel? >>>>>> I was feeling good today. Happy. Light. Only six days until school ended. Then I was free for a couple months. My friend Shane was throwing an end-of-school party at his house to celebrate the summer. That was so Shane. Claire used to date Shane. Back before he became a buffed-out egotistical asshole. It was a beautiful day. Clear. An Average day. The party would be fun. If only she was happy. She walked up to her locker and tried to shake off that feeling that something was Going to happen. As she was fiddling with the lock, she felt someone walk up behind her. She thought it was Katie, and she turned around with a smile on hr face. It was Zac. Oh shit. Claire was instantly paralyzed. What was wrong with her? Stop! Say something! He just stood there, staring at her. Claire finally found her voice. “Zac.” “Claire.” He smirked. “Long time no see.” Claire swallowed. “Fuck you. What do you want?” She noticed his chest muscles showing though under his tight black shirt. She hated him....she hated him....did'nt she? That feeling…….that was it. Sex. Pain. It was all linked together. She was fucked up. He was controlling her. “No baby…. You missed me. “

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