Punk 2

“Damn, but I love this shirt!” She wailed, throwing her pink ribbed shirt out the window. Her sister laughed.” Don’t though your clothes out the window.” “Why not? Everything I own makes me look about 600 pounds.” “Don’t exaggerate.” Claire scowled. She was supposed to meet two of her friends, Ashley and Jake, at the movies to night at 6. She really didn’t feel like going. She was tired. But she supposed she should. She had made plans after all. Besides, Jake was sort of cute. Maybe she would get something out of this after all. She quickly dressed and went downstairs. “Damn” she muttered, where are my keys?” Claire was happy. Her father had just bought her a new 1999 VW Beetle, which she loved and was eager to show off. She went in to the car and started driving towards to Movie Theater. Claire was your average teenager cheerleader type. Blond. Pretty. Popular. Thin. Claire strived for perfection. To be perfect in everything she did, from her grades to the way she applied her lipstick. Claire hated everything that was different, everything that was not the way she was. She was scared of it, really. She lived in Haystack, Mississippi. A really small town way from everyone else. Everyone in Haystack had his or her own ideas of “normality” and “average”. Everyone there looked the same, lived the same, talked the same and acted the same. It was like living in a bubble, a hellish cult. But Claire was happy. This was where she had grown up. It was her home. All the kids in Haystack were pretty much the same. They strived to go to school, make good grades and then graduate. And get the hell out of that town. It was a mutual dream. Claire pulled into the only movie theater in haystack and got out. She stood on the curb and admired her car, then smiled to herself and she walked in. She checked her refection in a glass as she walked past. She saw Ashley running up to her. “Claire! Hi! I love your car!” She was peering out the window.” It’s adorable! I love that color!” Clare smiled. “Thanks.” “Claire, this is Jake. You know him right? I think he has World Studies with you, right?” Claire looked him over. Yeah. She remembered him. “Hi. I’m Claire. Yeah, I remember you.” “So, our moves gonna start soon.” Ashley said, hurrying them into the ticket line. “What movie is this?” Claire said, she sort of had her eyes on Jake. Damn, he was cute. Black hair. He was eyeing her too, she thought. “It’s called ’My love forever’. A cute flick. Come on!” She got their tickets and walked into the theater. The previews hadn’t started yet. “Hey. There’s none else in her! Were alone! That’s weird.” Ashley said, “Well, maybe that means the movie sucks.” Jake said, ‘I mean, if theirs none here but us.” “Oh well,” Claire said, sliding in next to him. “I’ll see it anyways. I like it when there’s none here. Then we don’t have to deal with other people making noise.” “Oh my god, I forgot to tell you Claire! You wont believe this!” Ashley cried. “What?” Claire said, tearing her eyes away from Jake. She’d have to get some of that later. She couldn’t believe she’d never really noticed him before. “You know freak boy? Zac, or whatever his name is? Well, he came up to me after school that one day!” “What? He did?” Now this was news. “Yeah! That day that you all told him off? Well, he comes up to me after school and like, blocks my path down the stairs! So I couldn’t get past!” “What did he say?” “He goes ‘what’s your name?’ I was so stunned! I was like, what do you care? He is just so freaky. I can’t stand him. Ever noticed how tall he is? All I could stare at is that piercing he has on his nose. IT is so gross!” Claire nodded. “Well, what did you say?” “Nothing! I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to make him mad. Besides, I didn’t want people to think I was talking to him or something.” “I swear, I wish he’d leave you alone. What else did he say?” “He dint say anything else. He just sort of sneered when I didn’t answer and walked away.” Claire thought. “That’s strange. I wonder why he wanted your name? He is such a freak!” Jake spoke up. “You know, he’s not that bad. Really. I talked to him once, I ran into him at Fargo’s.” “What?” Ashley laughed.”So now your friends with that freak? What, sharing burgers and shit? Defending him? Are you crazy or something?” Jake shrugged. ”I didn’t say I was friends with him. I just said I talked to him once.” Ashley rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” The movie started then, so they stopped talking. Claire sidled up next to Jake, and soon after they were making out. Ashley looked at them and rolled her eyes. Then she heard the theater door swing open and someone walk down the isle and sit down in the row across from them. She looked over. It was Zac. She froze. She’d recognize that bright blue Mohawk anywhere, that leather jacket. Those boots. That tattoo of a snake or something on his arm. “Oh…shit.” She muttered. He was looking at her. He had recognized her too. She looked around. There was still none else in the theater. “Claire!” She hissed, nudging her with her arm, while still keeping he eyes on Zac. ”Claire!!!!” “What?,” Claire hissed, “Cant you see I’m busy?? God..” “Listen to me! Zac’s in here!!” “Zac?’ “Yes! Look over there! He just came in!” Claire froze. Jake looked scared, despite himself. “Oh my god.” Just then Zac got up and sat down next to Ashley, “Well, well, well. If it isn’t what…Ashley? And who are your little preppy friends here?” He rasped when he talked, like a animal sort of. Like he was tired. But he didn’t look that. Claire noticed his roots were blond. “Uh, yeah….This is uh, Claire and Jake.” Zac smiled, and his face lit up red for a second because of the preview. Creepy. Claire spoke up. “Hey freak boy. Coming to check out a chick flick? Guess you aren’t so punk after all.” Zac sneered. “Come here, Claire. You want to fuck with me? Come and get it.” Claire was scared. Why couldn’t she just forget it? But she always had to get the last word, the last insult. Damned if she was going to let him throw her around. “Ok.” She got up and walked around and sat next to him. “Well?” She sneered. He leaned back in his seat and said nothing. He was messing with her. Playing with her. Ashley was petrified. She kept looking at the door, trying to figure out how to get out without him catching them. She knew how strong Zac was. He had once beaten up her ex boyfriend so bad that he was in the hospital for a week. Nothing fazed Zac. He was dead already. He was feared. Loathed. Hated. He rode on that. His way of staying alive in this hell he lived in. Claire said, “Zac? Go away. None wants you here. Were trying to watch a movie. Why are you bothering us?” “Because I want you.” Then he exploded laughing. Claire nowwowed her eyes. “GO AWAY!!! WE HATE YOU, DON’T YOU KNOW THAT? ALL YOU DO I S MAKE OUR LIVES A LIVING HELL! YOU SHOULD DIE! SOMEONE SHOULD KILL YOU! DON’T YOU REALISE WHAT A FREAK YOU ARE? YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!” Claire sat down and tried to control herself. Ashley gasped and got up quickly. The movie screen blared green and white and loud. Deafening it seemed. Jake got up. Zac got up and shoved Claire against the wall. “Watch your mouth, you bitch. Do you know whom your dealing with?” Claire knew she was fucked. He was mad. Why had she gotten herself into this? Was she crazy? She’d finally had the guts to stick up to him, and now what? WHAT? Jake grabbed Ashley’s arm and dragged her out of the theater. “I’m going to get help!” Ashley mouthed to Claire as she was dragged away. Claire could feel Zac's hot breath on her face as he leaned over her and whispered, “I’m sick of you, Claire.“ “Get off me!” Claire growled, pushing his hands away. Zac grabbed her again and he was much stronger now, it seemed. He was hurting her. “You’re an asshole.” She hissed, trying to kick him. He pushed her harder against the wall and slided over behind a pillar. “I’m telling you this. Listen. You think you’re so smart, so cool, so fucking popular and hot. Listen to me when I say you can’t go for too long fucking with people before they fuck with you, too. I heard that you said. I’m not an idiot. I get around. Who do you think you are?” It took Claire a second to remember what he was talking about. Then she remembered he was talking about his party she was at last summer, she had saw him show up and she told everyone that he had raped her in back. It was a lie. But everyone had believed her; it gave him an even worse name. She had felt powerful then. Now she knew shed fucked up bad, and it was coming back to get her. “I…. don’t know.” She shuddered. The grip he had on her two arms was starting to hurt. He released one of her arms and slided it over to his other hand, so he was holding both her arms with one hand. It amazed her how strong he was. “I’m really sorry Zac…I swear, didn’t mean to say it. I swear…” She whispered. Where were her friends? Why wenrt they here yet? Zac ran his hand down her bare stomach. His touch made her skin tingle. She tried to pull away. “No, no, no little girl. Where do you think your going? You said I raped you, right? Wasn’t that your story?” Claire then realized something. If she screamed, none would hear her. The movie was too loud. “Uh, yeah…’ She mumbled. Zac mused, “Such a small thing you are, Claire. Tiny, really. You like me, right? That’s why you said that?” Claire was astounded. Oh course she didn’t like him “You asshole…. I don’t like you, you freak.” She tried to pull away again, but realized it was useless. He was just too strong. Zac pushed his body against hers and whispered, “I want to hurt you, Claire. I want to fuck with you, like you fucked with me.” Was he crazy? What as his problem? She’d gotten herself into a mess she couldn’t get out of. She was really scared now. This was for real. What would he do to her? “Your sick.” Claire said. But quietly. She had lost. He could do whatever he wanted to for her in here, she was helpless. She wouldn’t be seen behind this pillar. She couldn’t get away. Zac let go of her and ran his hands down her sides and up to her breasts. “Do you know what shit I had to go thorough for that? Do you?” She could feel his hate towards her. “So small…” He muttered, breathing on her neck as he said it, sending a shiver down her spine. “Please Zac…I didn’t mean it…..I swear…” She knew it then. “You won’t get away with this.” He laughed. “Oh yes I will.” She finally cried then. Tears were running down her face as he un-zipped her pants. His cold hand touched her and she shivered. It was happening…it was happening……it was. Why had she said that? Why???? Right there in that corner of the theater, he raped her. And with the music blaring from the movie, she cried. And none heard her.

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