Punk 1

“No way! Did he really? God, that guy is such a freak!!! I swear. I heard that he like, does drugs like, crack and all, and he like, thinks he’s so cool, you know? ” She scrunched up her face in contempt,” I wish everyone would just look the same, you know? It would make everything so much more easy. I mean, doesn’t he know he like so doesn’t fit in here? None likes him. ” Ashley laughed. “I know. He’s just so…extreme. I mean, just look at him! He looks like he’s on crack. Really. All those piercings? He like has no style. And those horrible tattoos.” Ashley cracked her gum loudly and said, just so he could over hear, ”Freak.” She giggled. Claire opened her fat-free yogurt and slowly turned her head to look in his direction. He was moving towards them. “Shit! Ashley, he heard you!!!” She hissed. They sat there and just stared as he quickly walked up to them. His boots made loud clomping noises on the white linoleum floor of the school cafeteria. People stared as he past them. It sounded like it was echoing off the walls of her head to Claire. He sat down next to Claire and growled, “Hey, what did you just say?” He was chewing a piece of gum and she could see his tongue stud glinting in the light. “I said,” Claire said boldly. She couldn’t keep her eyes off that stud. “I said that you’re a freak.” Ashley slightly gasped. Claire looked strangely satisfied. “Claire!” Punk Boy stared. “Watch your mouth, girl.” “Why should I?” She said, sitting up straighter and staring right back at him in the eye until she had to look away. Ashley was stunned. None had ever dared to saysomething like that to him before. He just got up and walked around the table and stood behind her. She didn’t turn around. She could feel his hand on her shoulder. “Because people don’t fuck with me. What makes you think your better then me, little girl? “ And he left then, clomping those boots again before she could think of another witty thing to say back. Ashley grabbed her arm “Oh my god, Claire!!! Oh my god, shit!!!! Why did you talk to him? He was so close to killing you!!” Claire laughed. “Nah. He’s just a bluffer. He would do anything to me. He’s just a freak, and he knows it. I’m sick of him pushing everybody around. I really am. He thinks he owns us.” “But he does, and you know it. Everyone’s afraid of him. Who knows what he might do, you know? If I were you, I’d not mess with him at all.” Claire looked at him across the lunchroom. He stuck his tongue out and licked his lips and winked at her. Claire gave him the finger. Deep down he was afraid of him. She’d never admit it though. “Sure. I guess. He’s not worth it anyways. Stupid freak.”