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Valeen's Bird House

Valeen's Bird House

A Quaker Parrot A Quaker Parrot A Quaker Parrot

Welcome to my Bird House!

There have been surfers visiting my page! Thank you and come back again!!

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Hi! I'm Valeen, welcome to my bird house. I am owned by 2 feathered friends, here you can see them. And also check out other bird related web sites of some bird friends of ours.
I also claim Reptiles as part of my family.
I will soon be adding to my home 2 baby sugar gliders. They have just come out of the pouch and now have their eyes open. I should be bringing them home sometime in June. Here are a few pictures of them!

My Neleh is now almost 3 yrs. old in June. I will add more pictures later! Read the story of how Neleh (pronounced "Na lee a", like Neleh from Survivor) came to be part of my family.

My newest bird addition Charly. I would like you to meet him!

Kibble and Bits are proud parents! Here are there 2001 clutch!

These are my first clutch of quaker babies hatched in May 2000. Go see how cute they are!

And if what I have isn't enough. I also have two grey chinchillas!

Want to adopt your own Cyber Chinchilla?

I have started to make background sets.
I would like to share them with you!

This Spirit Flowers is from Misty Rain! Thanks!!

Spirit Flowers from my Secret Hearts Sister and my Secret Blossoms Sister!
Thanks! Big Hugs to you both!

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As part of Crazy Ladies Society we are doing Cwazy Wabbits.
And mine has sent me some neat things.

Some "SPECIAL" friends
of mine have been blessed to find a group of people who care about them. And are working to make them feel safe throughout their lives, and from the unfortunate abuse they have gone through. This organization is so GREAT and I would hope that everyone who visits my site will look at this site and the organization of

The Quaker Connection

This Quaker Connection
owned by Valeen.
Want to join the
Quaker Connection?

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Check out the page dedicated to my

My Quaker Birds

Best Viewed With A Quaker gif by Kathleen Carr at:
For other quaker parrot sites and pictures you definitely want to check out:

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This Wings Around the World site is owned by Valeen.
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My birds and I all live in Salt Lake City, Utah,
Home of the

I have lived in Salt Lake City all of my life. I am a single 40 year old!
(yes I know hard to believe a Mormon girl still single at 40.
I like to think that I am one of the "smart" ones!!)

Learn more about my religion,
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka "Mormons".
You can request a FREE copy of the Book of Mormon!

This LDS WebRing
site is owned by Valeen.

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My all time favorite music is Country, I was raised on country music. So I have searched around the web and found some pages of my

I hope that you will enjoy these. Especially if you are a country fan too!
My favorite country music station here in Salt Lake is

Is one of my favorite places to hang out come play with me! My screen name is valhas5.

Here are some of

I have met on the Internet and IRC!

This was given to me by a "Special" Friend that I met playing BINGO.
Thank you Misker!!

Recently I joined a group of FUN and "CRAZY LADIES" They are called the Crazy Ladies Society Check out their web ring. And join in with them if you want. They are very nice people!

Join Crazy Ladies Society

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Crazy Ladies Society

A dear friend from the Crazy Ladies Society recently suffered a brain seizure, and was hospitalized. She has had surgery to remove the tumor and all is looking well. Please check out the page that has been dedicated for her. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Come back to our Crazy list soon Chemo.

Candle made by Sandra aka CarterLady

Here is another gift that has been given to me through the Crazy Ladies Society. It was fun to watch it grow! Look at how beautiful it is!

If you would like to adopt your own flowers go to: Site Fights Spirit Flowers

This Yellow Rose Sisters site owned by Valeen.
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This degus and chinchillas ring site is owned by Valeen

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I am also an adoptee and have successfully found and been reunited with my birth family. There are many sites on the web that can give you more insight and resources in finding and reuniting adoptees and birth families. Here is a list of some of the best ones I have found and am aquainted with them personally. They are more than willing to help you in any way they can.

Parent Finders

I am very much for open records. And hope that someday the laws will be changed so that adult adoptees can gain access to who they are and where they came from. I enjoy helping people search for their birth roots.

You can read my search and reunion story and see pictures of my new family! There are also other adoption links at the end of my story! So please check them out too!

I hope you enjoyed my Bird House!

me and let me know what you think!

Last Updated: Thursday, May 19, 2005