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On 11th of May there is a holiday for the school "Draga Stojanova"in Sopiste and the children organize performances every year and it is attended by the local people.

Three folklore lovers formed the folklore ensemble "Oro" in 1996. At the beginning it had 5 – 6 members, they didn't have any instruments or costumes. Nowadays it has become a very big ensemble with more than 100 members and takes part in international festivals in Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Its members have international experience and have won several awards and made cooperation with other ensembles. The young members of "ORO" aged from 8 – 13 took part at the international festival in Sliven, Bulgaria, while the members older that 17 took part at the festival in Sombor. This ensemble is open to cooperation. Anybody who is interested can come any Tuesday and Thursday in the community hall from 18 to 19 o'clock.


Last year there was a project in this school named "Come in sneakers" which aim was to present clean and healthy environment.


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