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According to the territory division of the Republic of Macedonia Sopiste Community is among the medium communities by size. It is spread over the central part of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia with an area of 223,53 m2.

The number of the population is relatively stable with a tendency of slow increase. 4/5 of the population is Macedonian while 1/5 belongs to the minority such as Albanians, Turks, Serbs and others. 26 % of the people are younger than 15, 63 % (6058 persons) are from 15-59 years of age while 11 % (1047 persons) are older than 60. The small decrease of the population in the last years owes to: the high increase of the population in four villages where people of Muslim religion live (1/5 of the total population) and the demographic stability of the population in some of places in the Skopje suburban region where the level of the population regression is proportional to the distance with Skopje.

In the period from 1961-1994 the population in Sopiste increased for 32 %, which is 9,7 per mil. Today it is 5,3 % per mil.

The population density is 43 citizens on km2. The first village is 4 km far from the city. According to the latest statistical evidence obtained by the census in 1994, Sopiste Community has 9684 citizens scattered over in 14 compact villages with a character of rural mountainous and plain places. The villages are:

Dobri Dol, 
Gorno Sonje,
Dolno Sonje, 
Sveta Petka, 
Nova Breznica, 
Patiska Reka.


Community Sopiste
tel/fax: (02) 274 3032
(02) 274 3031
Sopiste Community Advisory Office
tel/fax:(02) 274 2292
Ecology Informative Center in Sopiste Community


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