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Health care

There are two first-aid stations in the community one of them is in Rakotinci and the other one is in Jabolce. The first-aid station in Rakotinci was renovated and equipped with new furniture and medical instruments two years ago and it is the most active of all. The first-aid station in Cvetovo (Studenicani Community) is active and works every Tuesday while the one in Jabolce does not work at all owing to the insufficient number of patients (a large number of the people have moved away) and the smaller number of births. The village is 40 km far from the other station.

The people who work in the first-aid station in Rakotinci, take preventive medical care by:
*visiting-nurse service to pregnant women, women who have just given birth and babies from 6 months to one year of age;
*vaccination and medical checkup of pre-school and school children.

There is also one private dentist office in this region, which was opened in 2000. It works full-time from Monday to Saturday.


Community Sopiste
tel/fax: (02) 274 3032
(02) 274 3031
Sopiste Community Advisory Office
tel/fax:(02) 274 2292
Ecology Informative Center in Sopiste Community


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