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History of the Community


The Sopiste Community developed without any regulation. It is situated in the near suburban area of Skopje and it has been developing as a suburban settlement of the big city, without any economic activities, practically, for living in small houses only. It developed traditionally throughout the time as typically rural settlement. Before that in the early sixties, Sopiste used to be part of Rakotinci Community but from 1977 it is part of the city of Skopje (Kisela Voda Community).



On 14, September 1996 according to the territory division Law of the Republic of Macedonia and the determination of the territories of the Local Self-management published in the Macedonian official register number 49/96, the Sopiste Community was formed as a self-management unit. It spreads over the central part of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia with an area of 223,53 m2. Geographically, the Community spreads over the Southwest part of the Skopje Valley, along the river Markova Susica and its juncture with the Treska River, above the slopes of Vodno.


Community Sopiste
tel/fax: (02) 274 3032
(02) 274 3031
Sopiste Community Advisory Office
tel/fax:(02) 274 2292
Ecology Informative Center in Sopiste Community


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