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The surface hydrographic network in Sopiste region is hardly developed, mainly because of the intensive process of karstification the mountain ranges of Karadjica, Suva Planina and Venec. The community is very poor in water resources. 90% of the region is without a brook or river. The river Patiska Reka that continues its course underground is a very attractive natural phenomenon and potential source of drinking water in the wider region. This river passes along two villages, but the water is not used for drinking because it is not sufficient. There is also one stream, which in the rainless period in summer has a minimum quantity of water. It is considered that building the "Patiska Reka" system will contribute to a faster development of all the inhabited places and to reduce migration, improve people's health and get better hygiene. Pripor, Sevoec (Pripor), Dobri Dol, Rakotinci and Sopiste are in best position because they are connected to the city water-supply unit in Skopje. The other villages do not have water supply. They provide drinking water from the public fountains as well as their own wells. The people try to solve this problem by extending the existing water-supply system to Dolno Sonje and the other villages.

Sewerage system

Only 30 % of Sopiste Community inhabitants are connected to the public sewerage system (that is the east part of Pripor). The waste water from the houses are let out through inadequate channels, outhouse privies and septic tanks directly into the rivers, soil and sometimes these channels run onto the yards and streets.

The fecal drainage is individual for each of the houses, which is 40 % of the population by individual septic tanks and 60 % by fecal tanks.

The problem with the water from rains is also not solved and the water goes in the ground. There is a drainage system at the beginning of Kisela Voda but it is only 7oo meters long.


All the villages in the community have electricity. There are five transformer stations. The people spend about 1000 Wh a year and the power is 2,2 kW. The public and economic subjects that use electricity are the school, the stores, the first-aid station, the veterinary station, the post office, the community building and the collective farm.

About 90 % of the villages have street lighting. It is regularly maintained. We are expecting to have 100 % street lighting in the near future.

(postal services)
The Post office is placed next to the community building and provides the citizens with the best services. Three people are employed there and they take care about the payments, letters and parcels deliveries and other things.

There is a satellite antenna in the area of Nova Breznica, which enables transmitting the television programs to the overseas countries.

The Community does not have main roads. Two regional roads go through and connect it with the other roads in the Republic of Macedonia. One of them goes from Skopje to Makedonski Brod . It starts form Kisela Voda and passes through Sopiste where it divides into two branches one of which passes through Rakotinci and Dobri Dol while the other through Sonje, Govrlevo and G.Sonje. Both of them meet at Jankovec and Lasica with the other road, which goes towards Nereiste, and the newly built road to USJE. This road is partly asphalt while the other part is prepared to be paved with asphalt.

Although the community is very near to the capital Skopje, it does not have good organized public transport. Its communication with the city is done by the bus lines number 58a, 58b and 58v. The buses never go to four of the villages, in the others they come every hour during the work- days while for the weekend they come every two hours.

The regional road, which passes through the Community, is the main line of communication. It is asphalt and in good condition. The local streets are used to satisfy the people's needs connecting them with the regional road and the field.


Community Sopiste
tel/fax: (02) 274 3032
(02) 274 3031
Sopiste Community Advisory Office
tel/fax:(02) 274 2292
Ecology Informative Center in Sopiste Community


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