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The German MG 42 all parts for gun only, no receiver and tripod sold separately. $525

Tripods too many list, you need to ask, about these. Good deals on 1960s production anti-aircraft tripods, picture soon $150


German American MG34?

This is the real deal a working semi-auto belt feed MG34. Awesome!! cost $3500 if you want one go to


WWII  Vickers machinegun with  smooth water jacket and no tripod. All parts except right side plate in caliber .303. Price $550


Check out the re-enactment guns for more of these.



The classic Browning 1919A4 Machinegun in caliber.308 or 30-06. All US made parts no imports. .308 kit $450

30-06 kit $575


The Russian Maxim shown comes with a Transit chest, Wheeled Carriage and Armour (not shown) with matching numbers $1200 with non-matching numbers $1100

Just in, Finnish Maxim 1921   Caliber 7.62x54r smooth water jacket and tripod. Very good condition running low. $1000



Steyr  AUG in 20mm, $500

just joking, I don't know what this is.

To see what a kit looks like when you receive it go to Parts Kits

Tripods, Tripods, and more Tripods let me know exactly what you are looking for I have them. 

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