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Parts kits

When you get parts kits they are usually covered in grease and have lots of scratches and the wood or plastic needs  work. Here are some pictures of kits.

South African FN FAL parts set, this is a better one. Also notice no Handles or ejector blocks.


British Sten MKIII ,  Should have dummy tubes soon.


Thompson M1A1?

Typical condition


Standard UZI parts made by FN


The Hungarian AKM 65


The Hungarian RPD light machinegun. This comes with 3drums and belts what a deal. I am not sure were you get receivers for this but its awesome. Caliber 7.62*39.



South African Kommando SMG, this is a 9mm with a Sten type tube on top of a plastic Uzi type lower. It uses Uzi clips. almost out.




More photos soon

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