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Collector's Weaponry


   We specialize in hard to find Brass Cartridges, Gun Kits and Machinegun Parts. There is way too much stuff  to list on here, so if you can't find it anywhere else please ask. We  have parts for Civil War Gatling Guns to modern M249 weapons and everything else. Prices are changing on a weekly basis some better some worse so if you see something of interest just ask for a current price. Some guns I can not currently get such as the G3 and the Grease Gun. Sorry no International orders.

Due to the large number of emails some get lost, I try to check them once every hour, so if you do not here from someone within 24hours please resend email, closed saturday afternoon and sunday.

Re-enactment Guns Obsolete Brass Magazines
Submachinegun Kits Military Brass and 12gauge Misc. and Specials
Rifle Kits Grenade Launchers, Bazookas Can't Find It?
Machinegun Kits Mortars, Flame Throwers, Artillery Home
FN FAL Projects    
  Purchasing Products  

1.All credit card purchases are done through PAYPAL read here for more details

2. All prices subject to change and DO NOT INCLUDE shipping charges

 Contact Thomas at

located in Dallas, TX

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