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The famous PPSH 41 from the Soviet Union, cut away shown. Everything including the cut receiver comes with this. Caliber 7.62*25 These are the best quality in years.

with stick mag $200               

with 71 rd drum mag $225

71 rd drum mag $65

Dummy receiver $150


Thompson M1A1 kit, all parts needed except receiver.

Parts in crapy condition $425

w/ new wood  $475


The M3 Grease Gun, All parts except the receiver. I have never seen dummy receivers and the quality is usually all scraped up. Low supply. Click picture to see a  Diagram.

$280 each


The UZI, made by FN. All parts are available to make this into a semi auto but cost more. Parts quality is good. I can give you the name of the dealer for the receivers there about $300-400.

Uzi Parts kit $255


South African Kommando SMG, this is a 9mm with a Sten type tube on top of a plastic Uzi type lower. It uses Uzi clips. almost out.

Kommando kit $255


The Krinkov AKS-74U in 5.54*39 caliber. All parts except receiver and in good condition. This nasty little one would make a nice display but not sure were to get dummy receivers. Click on picture. I have good prices on these mags.

Krinkov AKS-74U $400


Hungarian AMD-65 short barrel AK type gun in 7.62*39, uses standard clips and receivers. This thing is wicked! For more pixs click on picture.

Hungarian AMD-65 $400


Sten MKII submachine gun parts set. Everything you need except the tube-or receiver. This model is the easiest to build a dummy receiver, using common tools. 

Sten MKII  $135


The Swedish K, this is a very popular item and I think very ugly. All parts present except the receiver tube $50. Swedish K available for $300


To see what a kit looks like when you receive it go to Parts Kits

To see the STEN MKIII parts kit click here


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