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Calico factory new drum magazines, very limited supply.

9mm 50 rounder $225


9mm 100 rounder $285as shown
22 cal 100 rounder $225 as shown.


WALTHER factory new clips, very limited supply.

Factory 9mm clips

16 rounds, fits all variants,

holes on both sides and P99

molded on bottom. $115

AK Variants-

Bakelite orangish AK magazines in 5.45 caliber $10 each New. as shown.

Steel AK mags new for 7.62*39 $10 each

Russian Degtyarev LMG drum magazines caliber 7.62*54,  49 rds. 

Almost out $60

FN FAL and variants

FN FAL mags fits all variants lightly used Austrian Mfg. $10

FN FAL  Black pebble grain leather double mag pouch, really cool $7 

Sterling-  Sterling SMG magazines in 9mm with rollers, used $75

Sten MK2 and MK3-32 rounds lightly used $10

Steyr AUG -magazines new$80

Ask about any  magazines imaginable, even  for large MGs I can get hold of just about anything.

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