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notso Infamous Quotes

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have you had the beef noodle soup with beef and noodles? -unintentionally redudant female 2001

what's up with that sauce -dung duong 2000

i think you're implying something -dung duong 2000

trust me, i know these things, my mom's a nurse -circa late 1980s

christened with a spearmint tic tac -new house 1989

like a particle of dust floating in nothings -circa late 1980s

i feel so valley of the warmpth, i feel so peaceful and lonely here -ben circa early 1980s

want me to make a fire... i'll take my shirt off -beelee 1997

mam-mooth -beelee 1997

i'll eat but i refuse to digest! -circa late 1980s

i thought that was a farmiliar man -circa early 1990s

what day does thanksgiving land on this year? -a 26-year-old American citizen

what day does christmas land on this year? -a 26-year-old American citizen

king kong rah-rah-rah -brother ben circa late 1980s

it's miller time -1990 mr. miller's english class

i expect more because you are asians -circa late 1980s ms. lee math club

surface tension! peanut butter! -1990 mr. burnam physical science

whoa is me -charlie brown

oof bah -falling lamb

half-o-head -juhn

mine eyes mine eyes... -2001

these are shorts! -calvin

baa-woo baw-nits -2001

tough tamales -circa late 1980s

say plastic - jill circa late 1980s

say pitcher - jill circa late 1980s

at least its not like fitting eight people in a six-person couchette - europe trip 2000