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Seattle Photos

I spent two summers, '97 and '98, in Seattle and fell in love with the area. These photos were taken in the summer of 1999 when I went up to visit Johnny.
Seattle 1999 This photo involved immaculate timing to get the ferry in the background. We used Johnny's little Olympus camera and set it on a ledge. Auto timer!
The Seattle-ite Johnny buying peachy soft Ranier cherries in Pike Place Market.
Boats entering the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks. The locks also showcase a fish ladder where salmon can bypass the locks and swim upstream to spawn.
Me navagating Lake Washington in a tandem kayak. Ok, so Johnny was doing most of the work.
Johnny a taking rest with pretty flowers behind him.
Johnny lounging on a pier off Lake Union near one of our favorite Japanese Restaurants, I Love Sushi. Sounds hoaky, but it really is an excellent, well-respected sushi bar.
Downtown Seattle in front of a docked naval ship. If you look closely, you can see Johnny's fear-of-heights grimace.
Friday Harbor, an island just west of Seattle. You can see our ferry behind us.