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Utah 2001 Photos

Johnny and I went to Salt Lake City, Utah in February of this year. While we were there, we hung out with his parents, snowboarded Brighton and Snowbird, and explored Bryce Canyon National Park. This picture set begins with a tour of beautiful view points in Bryce. I tried to pick the most interesting picutres, but sorry if it seems redundant to you. Bryce is spectacular, and no camera can capture its beauty.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Sunset Point
We woke up early in the morning to watch the sunRISE at Sunset Point... then we quickly went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

Park Entrance
After a two hour early morning nap, we're ready to see the rest of Bryce.

Inspiration Point
By far one of the more spectacular views.

Rainbow Point
At the southern tip of Bryce National Park, Rainbow Point features a view of most of the canyon.

Blackbirch and Agua Canyons
For those of you reading my comments, this would be a good time to read about Johnny's courageousness at Bryce. He took a significant step toward overcoming his paralyzing fear of heights by standing just inches away from the railing in many of Bryce's viewpoints. I'm very proud of you Johnny!

Natural Bridge and Sunrise Points
Natural Bridge is actually a natural arch, and after viewing Sunrise Point, we were glad we watched the sunrise at Sunset Point. Quite confusing.

Red Canyon

Red Canyon is located just a couple of miles northwest of the entrance to Bryce. We actually drove through Red Canyon on the way to Bryce at night, so we were pleasantly surprised on the way out!

Mormon Temple

The one (and only) city attraction in Salt Lake City is the Mormon Temple. The first picture is title "Ominous" and the second "Through the Eyes of Commercialism." The later was taken in Borders.

Mimi (aka Poppy)

Mimi is Johnny's parents' outdoor cat. We nicknamed her Poppy in homage of a friend of Johnny's who she resembles.

Mill Creek

Johnny's parents took us on this short hike to a spectacular view.