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I have two cats, Titus & Tinker.  Titus is a black American short-haired cat, and Tinker is a white American long-haired cat.  I adopted Titus from the Central Texas SPCA in May 2000; he was almost four months old.  Tinker is from the Austin Town Lake Shelter, and she was a little over two months old.

See more photos of them.

Titus Carver Puma (aka Tito)

Titus is a sleek black cat with an unending curiosity.  He roams the 650 sq. ft. apartment searching for mischief.  This cousin of a puma has eaten leaves to plastic to electric cords.  By day he rests and by night he protects the home from invisible enemies with his mighty speed and strength.  Unscathed by the dangers of apartment life, Titus reigns as the dominant cat of this household.


Tinker Snow Vixen (aka Tinks)

Tinker is the fluffiest fluff ball of a cat.  She's the epitome of the household kitty complete with purring, kneading, lap warming and (fake) mouse pouncing, but do not be completely fooled by her sweet exterior; inside all that white fluff is an independent vixen.  Tinker uses her evasive maneuvers to escape the clutches of Titus and to gain mastery over furry mice.  She does what she wants and roams as she wills.