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Main Photos

"We want more cat pictures! or something... how about pictures of Johnny being cheezy? YEAH!!!" - quoted from the guestbook.

Here are some photos for the visually hungry, and check out the other albums also.
Seattle 1999 This photo involved immaculate timing to get the ferry in the background. We used Johnny's little Olympus camera and set it on a ledge. Auto timer!
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Kite Festival 2000 A beautiful picture of brother Ben at Austin's Kite Festival in the spring of 2000. We had a good time running around Zilker Park with our kite.
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Christmas 2000 Johnny and I in Houston for Christmas 2000 dinner with my family. I think I'm cooking in an imaginary wok or maybe I'm riding an imaginary bike... who knows.
Johnny ripping through the icy snow down the slopes of Snowbird in Salt Lake City.
Heel edge, toe edge, heel edge, toe edge... I'm not so skilled at snowboarding.