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Angel Dustings

Welcome To Angel Dustings

An Angel Sent From Me To You

Here is an Angel sent from me to you
May she protect you and guide you
in your time of need.....
She see's your pain
She feels your sorrow
Don't be afraid
To show your pain or feel your sorrow...
For she was sent to you
To protect you and guide you
In this time of need...
She will be your strength and your comfort...
So when in need
Look to your heart and believe in the angel
that was sent just for you...


There are many different types of angels.
They help you, guide you, and protect you.
Angels love you unconditionally,
They save you from disaster and tragedy.
They comfort you in special ways.
Look for your Angels and you will find them there,
Because they are there to help and care.
Listen to them with your heart, soul and mind,
And you will find that they are
With you all the time..

Our Guardian Angels

Angels are the guardians of hope and wonder,
The Keepers of magic and dreams.
Angels watch over you wherever you go,
Keeping each day perfect
and promising a bright new tomorrow.
The motto of all angels is
"It's a wonderful life".
Wherever there is love,
An angel is flying by.
Angels help you carry the ball,
carry a tune, carry your weight
and carry on!
Your guardian angel knows you inside
and out and loves you just the way you are.
Angels keep the world safe for hummingbirds
and butterflies and rainbows in spring.
Angels keep it simple and always travel light
Angels love whispering secrets
and whistling in the dark
Whenever you hear music,
an angel is speaking to you
Remember to leave space in your relationships
so the angels have room to play
Your guardian angel helps you
find a place when you feel there's no place to go
Keep a spare angel in your pocket
Angels carry high-beam lights
to help you through the darkest hours
Whenever you feel lonely,
a special angel drops in for tea
Angels know that love is only a four letter word
We are always "angels on call" for a friend
Everytime you hear a bell,
another angel has earned its wings
Angels are with you every step of the way
and help you soar with amazing grace
After all, we are angels in training
All we have to do is spread our wings and fly............

"Angels guide us to become spiritual people
for the pleasure of it, not for its moralism,
because the spiritual life itself has a great deal
of beauty and real satisfaction, even pleasure.
And this is what the soul needs. "

~Thomas Moore~

Everyone Gets An Angel...

You can't always see them,
Sometimes they are your pet
when he kisses you...
Sometimes they are a small
treasure you find...
An angel might even be your friend.
Those angels are quiet, but what they
are really saying clouds!
A good day is just around the corner!
So if you begin to worry too much,
just remember, somewhere and angel
is looking out for you too!

Angels In My Heart

When I have no one to turn to
And I am feeling kind of low
When there is no one here to talk to
And no where I really want to go
I search deep within myself
It is the love inside my heart
That lets me know my Angels are there
Even though we are many miles apart
A smile then appears upon my face
And the sun begins to shine
I hear a voice, so soft and sweet
Saying, 'Everything will be just fine'
It may seem that I am alone
But I am never by myself at all
Whenever I need my Angels near
All I have to do is call
An Angel's love is always true
On that you can always depend
They will always stand behind you
And will always be your friend


What do angels look like?

Like the little old lady who returned your wallet yesterday.

Like the taxi driver who told you that your eyes light up the world,
when you smile.

Like the small child who showed you the wonder in simple things.

Like the poor man who offered to share his lunch with you.

Like the rich man who showed you that it really is all possible,
if only you believe.

Like the stranger who just happened to come along, when you had lost your way.

Like the friend who touched your heart,
when you didn't think you had one to touch.

Angels come in all sizes and shapes,
all ages and skin types.

Some with freckles, some with dimples,
some with wrinkles, some without.

They come disguised as friends, enemies, teachers, students,
lovers and fools.

They don't take life too seriously,
they travel light.

They leave no forwarding address,
they ask nothing in return.

They wear sneakers with gossamer wings,
they get a deal on dry cleaning.

They are hard to find when your eyes are closed,
But they are everywhere you look, when you choose to see.

~Author Unknown~

Angels come from up above..

To show us God's eternal love.
They keep each of us safe from harm.
They surround us with their loving arms.
Just listen with open ears,
They will calm each of our fears.
Have you ever thought you heard, an angels soft and gentle word?
Angels come from up above, to show us God's eternal love.

~Author Unknown~

" Some people come into our lives and quickly go...
Some stay and make footprints on our hearts...
And we are never, never the same."

" O, speak again, bright Angel, for thou art as glorious to
this night, being o'er my head,
as in winged messenger of heaven
unto the white-upturned wond'ring eyes of mortals
that fall back to gaze on
him, when he bestrides the lazy puffing clouds,
and sails upon the bosom of the air. "

~ William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet ~

Real Life Angels

Every day, in the world around us
Real-life angels are doing the things they do.
And bringing more smiles to the world around them.

Real-life angels build bridges instead of walls.
They don't play hide-and-seek with the truth
And they don't have hidden agendas.
They tend to be the only ones who understand
What you're going through.
If they sense that you're hurting,
They do whatever they can to help you.

Real-life angels understand difficulties
And always give the benefit of the doubt.
They don't hold others up to the standards
They can't live by themselves.
Real-life angels are what "inner beauty" is all about.

Real-life angels don't hold things against you;
The only thing they hold is you.
They take your hand in theirs when you could use
A little reassurance.
They walk beside you when you could do with
A little guidance and direction in your life.
And they support you in
Your attempts to do what is right.

Real-life angels mulitply your smiles
And add to your integrity.
They make you feel like,
"Hey, I really am somebody who matters."
Then they quietly prove to you how beautiful
And true that feeling really is.

If you come across an angel like this,
You are one of the luckiest people of all.

If someone in your life is wonderfully like an angel to you,
It's important to let them know.
It's the nicest compliment you could ever give.
In all the days of your life and
In all the years that you live.


Angels coming out to play...
Angels touch our life each day.
Though we may not know they're there
There are angels...everywhere!
Angels can cause a heart to sing.
Angels give our spirits wings!
An angel's touch can bring God so near
An angel's smile...can dry a tear.
Have you felt a tug on your heartstrings?
Chances are 'twas caused by angel wings.
They flutter softly in the light...
Shimmering with edges of gold so bright
We mere mortals to earth are bound
Angels trod on holy ground
So next time you are feeling low
Remember...angels are there...wherever you go!



Angels are sent to us from heaven
Always looking out for us
Always there when we need them
We may not always see them
Or believe they are watching over us
Yet they are truly always there
They allow us to make mistakes
knowing we will learn from them
All the while becoming stronger
When we are in our darkest moments
They make us realize
What is really out there
How to find a way'to make it thru
So even though they are unseen
And seldom ever heard
They are always there
Waiting and watching
to point the way
Never allowing us to fall and be weak
All they ask is we believe and listen with our hearts
and they will guide our way...

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