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Angel Voices

We can hear our angels' voices through the window
of our imaginations and the open door of our hearts

The voices of angels come to us in many ways
they come on quality wings of tenderness and healing;
beauty and rekindled wonder;
wings of healing and hope;
comfort and kindness.
Their verdict is always innocent,
their sentence always love

Angels are found hovering in the pauses
and spaces between our imaginings;
between our feelings and thoughts and perceptions;
whenever we forget ourselves for a moment
and do not hold on too tightly to our pain.
The angels need room to enter in and,
likewise, to come out

The voices of goodness, reason, and hope
are within us.
The more we listen, the more we will hear
voices of heavenly angels pressing their
lips to our inner minds,
speaking poetry in the fine
air of our imaginations

When we listen, we hear our angel voices
in the shadows and the light
places of peace and darkness within us

The voices of our angels bear witness
to the triumphs of Spirit

As we open to our angels,
we become healed by our own surrender;
changed by what we receive;
happy and whole by what we remember

Angels answer questions emanating
from the depths of our souls,
even those hidden inside us
yet to be asked

The teachings of angels are precious gifts
to be gleaned from the caves of undisturbed
silence deep within ourselves
like crystals ever growing because
they are alive

Heaven never wishes to punish, but only to heal;
never to accuse, but to vanquish all misery.
It is a lean time on earth for Truth,
and her flags must wave and her sails
must fill again with the winds
of kindness and well-being.
A pleasant breeze must blow in places
where coldness has found shelter too long
in the hearts of people

The tenderest feelings with Spirit
will begin as soon as we emerge
into the light of our own souls
because this is where we will find
our deeper passion, our comfort,
and the greatest heart of our love

When we listen, angels teach us about knowledge
and ignorance and what separates them
the dance of life and the stillness of Being
our hearts and our hates,
our freedom and our smallness
the end of all journeys and the beginning
of one try journey.
They teach about walls, and what lies beyond them
the known and the unknown
common sense and the uncommon senses;
about what is pure and what is not
what cries and what never will

The angel within must be awakened
to view the spectacle of Paradise
that exists beyond our senses;
to hear the caring, nurturing voice of
Truth speaking flawlessly and
continuously in the inner chambers
of consciousness; and to feel the
comforting breeze of Peace
blowing soothingly over the soul

Our angel voices come from a place
where we do not think, from a quietness
inside us and all around us,
from a pristine place where
Love is cherished above all else,
where decency drives home the arrows
of our souls like Cupid killing all
pretense and freeing everything
innocent and perfect within us

When seeking Truth, look close to Home;
for if Truth only existed in faraway places,
where would we find hope and
what good could angels really be?

Whether a holy winged apparition beams
silent truths to us in our own room;
or a messenger appears in our dreams in the night;
or if Heaven speaks through the silences in our soul,
through the lips of a stranger,
through friends and children;
or the kingdom of paradise within reverberates
with love in our meditations;
or our intuition speaks softly in words,
feelings, and a sense of things to come.
These are the voices of our angels, gifts that
uplift, console, reward, and caress our very being,
leading us always toward Freedom

The angels are emissaries from above
for all those who have been told that
what they want can only be found in fairy tales,
that they are dreamers and should come down
out of the clouds and live in the Real world

The angels whirl and dance together
through all the lands of time and place,
pulling and weaving threads of light
in their movements toward the One;
grabbing open hands, encircling kneeling prayers,
lifting everyone with voice and eye and heart,
uplifted to the dance and to the
magic of everything Good

The angels are not hiding
from us
We are hiding
from them

~ Author Unknown ~