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About Me

Hi - I'm Noreen!
Welcome to my place!

For a long time I've been going to other peoples
sites and saying, "Wow, what a great place! I wish
I could make one that others would be able to feel the same
way about."

Well this is my little place in cyberspace. I've never attempted my own site before.
It sure makes you appreciate the other peoples beautiful sites.
It's been really a lot of fun though! It gets the creative juices flowing
and I've been thinking about all sorts of other directions I would
like to go in also. Keep checking back, I'm sure something will be new!

So let me tell you a little about myself...
I'm in my 40's now...
I am married to a great guy named Rick.
We were just destined to be together.
I have a great daughter named Brandi.
I can associate with the empty nest syndrome now for sure!
I'm orignally from Hamburg, New York (that is south of Buffalo).
We moved here when I was 13 years old.

When not at work as a secretary I enjoy numerous things:
spending time with my husband and daughter
playing with our pets (and love all animals)
riding our Harley Davidson motorcycle and various biker events
body beautification (tattoo's & piercings - was 41 when I got my first body piercings! and 18 for my tatts)
being online obviously, reading, the outdoors and much more.

I have done a little of this and a little of that during my life.
From a full time mom and "domestic goddess"
working at a seashell shop, directory assistance,
driving an 18 wheeler cross country and a wrecker truck locally.
I've even been a semi professional belly dancer
dancing at restaurants & clubs, parties, festivals and
even taught classes at the local dance studio on a substitute basis!

I am very interested in spirituality.
I have always had a special interest in angels, life after death,
"ghosts", tarot, healing (Reiki Level 2), meditating, herbs, colors, animal communications, astral travel, dreamwork, psychometry and a little
of everything.

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