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It's a Doggy Dog World...

This is Penny (below). She is a Chocolate Leopard, which is
in plain English - part Chocolate Lab / Shepherd mix.
She was born on February 14, 1992. She has a very sweet
and love disposition but she is more stand offish when
it comes to wanting attention. If she was a child she would
be very quiet and always worried about things. She would
be the tattle tail (pardon the pun) in the family. She is the
first to bark when she feels things need guarding but PLEASE
do NOT ask her to "speak" as she will think she is
being punished for some reason. Her favorite thing to do is
sleep with her head propped up. She doesn't care what she
uses as a pillow ~ the cat scratch pole (so far we have avoided
a major showdown between her and Harlee), the wall, a set of
weights, etc... When she is ready for bed she makes it obvious
that it is bedtime for all of us... She will go in our room
and come back and look at us and walk back to the bedroom. She
will do this several times, then gives us an very exasperated
sounding sigh and will go to sleep without us at the foot of the
bed, which is her God given place to sleep, and nobody else in
the family better think they are going to sleep there.

This is Valentina. She is Penny's litter mate sister. As you
can see she takes more after the Shepherd. After Penny crying
the whole first night even with toys, a small clock, etc... Rick
suggested getting another puppy to keep Penny company. Actually
I thought he was crazy and was more tempted to slip Penny back
over the fence when nobody was looking. I think having the
two of them was one of the best things we ever could've done.
There were times it was hard though. Val is the opposite of her
sister in more ways then one. Val was at the fence both times
with her Mom and and the other adult dog where Penny and the
other puppies were more in the middle of the yard. Whenever
anything happened you could tell it was Val who instigated it!
And she is the type of dog that you can plainly tell she is
laughing just from her facial expressions. Val is game for
anything and is very happy go lucky. At 70 pounds she is a
firm believer that she is indeed a lap dog.

Christmas at our house is very special. Since we host the
family Christmas Eve party the dogs all get bathed and of
course they need to wear their best bows on their collars.

This is my Ned-Dawg. He was born November 13, 1993. He is a
Chowador. Here we go with crazy breeds! He is part Red Chow
and supposedly lab but I doubt the fathering of him. He is
quite a spoiled boy. He is great protection and I know if push
comes to shove he would be there to protect regardless. The
poor little guy had Demadex Mange as a puppy (started showing
signs of it at 7 weeks old) but has never had another problem
since being treated for it. His favorite thing to do is play
catch with his tennis balls. He is a lean, mean ball catching
machine. We thought he would be a natural for a frisbee but he
is VERY intimidated with that! He does love to chase bubbles when
you blow them into the air. Just the sight of his beloved bubbles
bottle sends him into rounds of barking, jumping and excitement.

As you can tell Ned is quite impressed with Brandi making
him pose for this photo!

This is Franki! She is named after "Old Blue Eyes" himself,
Frank Sinatra. We found her May of '97 as a stray at a local
restaurant. They said she had been there about two weeks
already. We didn't being her home the first night.
With 3 dogs already we needed one more like a whole in the
head. We went back 3 days later and she was still there.
One other person said she had just ran across the road
and had almost gotten ran over. Needlessly to say, I picked
her up and put her in the truck. I would love to know
what happened during her life. She was absolutely terrified
of the truck. Sure didn't take long for her to get over that!
She has a major phobia about anyone touching her feet too.
This can be a major pain since she has very weird claws.
The long we have her the better they are looking. I think
maybe as a puppy she had a vitamin deficiency and that is
why the claw were so weird to start with. I had ads in
papers and half heartedly tried to find a home for her but
I was already attached to her, and had been since the night
in the parking lot. The vet feels she is an Australian
Shepherd mix and was a young adult. Apparently she was
spayed as a young dog which I was happy about. Unfortunately
she tested positive for heartworms. She started treatment on
10/20/97 and was diagnosised 100% clean and free the day
after Thanksgiving. She is extremely spoiled but well behaved.
If she were a kid she would be the one holding one the
dress hem and always saying "Mom", "Mom", "Mom" every time you
turned around just incase you forgot that was your life title.
She is very possessive of me and follows my every step.

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