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Brandi's Page...

She is my pride and joy - and yes, even my best
friend! I have been very fortunate to have had such a great
daughter - and someone I can call my friend too. I think we
just followed in the tradition of my mother and I - best friends
also. It really pains me when I think of the wonderful
relationships others miss out on by not being close to their
parents, or their children.

Brandi is a very energetic young woman. She is planning to go
back to college this next semester where she is currently studying
the basics, works, has her own apartment, a cat - and yes, even
squeezes in some time to have a person life too! Where she gets
all the energy and time I will never know but all I can say is

"World watch out - here she comes!"

Remembering You

It doesn't seem so long ago
your head rested on my shoulder,
and I held your little hand
in mine.

It doesn't seem so long ago
your were all dressed up
for your first day of school,
and I smiled with pride.

It doesn't seem so long ago
you showed me how you'd grown,
and I realized
you weren't a child anymore!

You still bring me
more joy and price
than you will ever know.

You're a Wonderful Daughter

Bringing up a daughter
can be challenge
and a joy -
a challenge
of all the things
you want for her,
like security
and independence,
maturity, self-confidence,
and love...
...and a joy
when she turns out like you,
a daughter who possesses
all of these values
and more--
a daughter
who loves you
as much
as you love her--
as much as I love you!

Growing up isn't always easy,
I know,
and neither is being a parent --
especially when you want
to be a really good parent
and let your caring
and concern and pride show.
It's hard to know how
to help without interfering,
protect without stifling,
and guide
without preaching...

When you're growing up,
you look at life one way,
while being a parent
often means looking at life
another way.
But, we've found
a meeting ground in-between
where we can talk
and listen,
teach and learn,
and live and be happy.
I'm so glad
that we care so much
and respect each other and love each other always,
no matter what.

Especially for My Daughter

I'm so proud of you
for developing
the self confidence
and freedon to be who you are
and to meet challenges
the best way you can.

I'm proud of you,
for knowing how to appreciate life
and to find happiness
in whatever comes your way.

I'm proud of you,
for allowing me
to hold you close
and teaching me to let you go
all at the same time...

I'm so proud of you,
and I love you
for being my wonderful daughter,
who has also become
my friend.

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