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Problems with Body Odor?
Natural Remedies for Body Odor Control

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What causes offensive body odor.......


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Everybody has body odor sometimes. After a long workout or being out in the sun, most people, well, stink a little. But whhat causes bad body odor? And why do some people have more body odor than others? And, finally, if you are one of those with this challenge, are their natural remedies that may help? Let's get into some answers now. Please note that this information addresses situations where a person may have body odor that is more persistent than the natural odor of a workout or stress and to the point that it is offensive to noses.

Why do some people have more odor than others?
It isn't because they sweat more although sweating when stressful can contribute to the creation of odor. The cause of intense odor could be lack of oxygenation in the body, allowing waste to be there that shouldn't be there. Anaerobic bacteria love to make a stink when there is not enough oxygen inside. Certain vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to body odor intensity. If you cannot metabolize certain foods, you can literally smell like them. Foods like eggs and fish, for example.

Other reasons for body odor that is too strong include health conditions including kidney or liver disease, diabetic ketoacidosis, systemic candida, parasites, etc.

The Mayo Clinic has some excellent information on sweating and body odor and it may be helpful to read in more depth if body odor is an issue for you.

Can Natural Remedies Help Smelly Body Odor? Among the natural remedies available for this condition, products that oxygenate the blood can be useful as can cleansing for parasites and yeast. Depending on what the cause is, natural herbal, homeopathic or ayurvedic tonics that build the liver and kidneys or gently cleanse and detox one or both could be indicated. Increasing fiber while avoiding beef and pork may help with body odor, as may the addition of herbs that are naturally rich in chlorophyll, such as wheat grass. You can also take chlorophyll in the form of a tablet or capsule.

In general, detoxing is a good idea when excess or unpleasant odor happens, provided you are otherwise fairly healthy. When kidney disease or liver disease are suspected, it's always best to check with your doctor before detoxing as the detoxification process can stress both organs. If your bowel movements are very odourous, it is usually an indication of internal congestion and/or toxicity. Healthy bowel movements do not have an overwhelming odour.

Health Disclaimer: This information on naturally controlling body odor is not presented as replacement for any necessary medical evaluation. Kidney and liver disease, and some of the other causes of offensive body odor, can be life-threatening. Be wise with your health.